Summer is the Best Time for Kitchen Remodeling

Why Remodeling is “Hot, Hot, Hot” This Summer

If your kitchen is started to look dated, it may be time to consider a remodel. When you think of the summer, your first thoughts may be about landscaping or building a new deck, but believe it or not, summer is also the perfect time for kitchen renovations. Not only is the weather most likely to cooperate and deliver perfect conditions for renovations, but you can also cook most of your meals outdoors while the work is being done.

No matter if your kitchen needs a complete overhaul or just a small facelift like new countertops, it will be necessary to first plan your budget and then determine what products you would like to use and who you would you like to use for installation.

Look no further. Granite Transformations can take care of all your summer remodeling worries. Not only does Granite Transformations offer quality Trend USA products such as Trend Stone , Trend Glass and Trend Mosaics, it also specializes in quality cabinet refacing. With installation lasting just days, instead of weeks like typical remodeling companies, it is the perfect option for families that are on the go this summer.

Is your RV or Boat in need of an update? Not only can Granite Transformations take care of the kitchen and bathroom in your home, it also provides remodels for RVs and boats. Since remodels can take place in just days, customers can be back on the open road or sea in no time.

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  1. Melody Salazar
    Melody Salazar says:

    I would like to learn more about your services and pricing for designers. Is there a local rep that can contact me?
    My number is 830-626-8967.
    Thank you,
    Melody Salazar

  2. Sue Milne
    Sue Milne says:

    I love, love love my new kitchen. Granite Transformations worked wonders – the countertops are beautiful – heat resistant, easy to maintain. The backsplash is so beautiful! all of our friends walk into the kitchen and say “WOW”. And the best part – 1 day of installation and I had my dream kitchen. Installer was so professional and the products are fab-u-lous! Thanks!

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