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White and Grey Kitchens Gain Popularity for Timeless Elegance

The soaring popularity of white and grey kitchens is turning heads as today’s homeowners are embracing this chic look for its clean and sophisticated feel.

Designers are calling grey the new white. So, what could be better than pairing them together? With both colors falling under the “neutral” category, the combination has unbeatable staying power. Additionally, it gives homeowners the freedom to go a little wild with bright and bold accent colors like reds and yellows.

Whether you’re simply experimenting with grey or going all out, pairing this color with white is a winning combination which will bring beauty and elegance to any home.

Statement Walls

Liberty Grey mosaic tile and White Star glass countertops

Liberty Grey mosaic tile and White Star recycled glass countertops

Liberty Grey mosaic tile walls make a statement in this cozy kitchen. White cabinets paired with White Star recycled glass countertops come together beautifully to bring a light and airy feel, while dark wood lower cabinets add a touch of warmth and contrast.

The Meeting of Old and New

Statuario quartz countertops

Statuario quartz countertops

Nothing speaks tradition and class than the look of marble. Here, beautifully veined Statuario quartz countertops and backsplashes make a gorgeous backdrop in this New World kitchen. Grey walls add just the right contrast to tie this look together for an exquisite look which is sure to stand the test of time. You can learn more about our Trascenda™ Collection here.

The Best of Both Worlds

Portland Silver countertops and Hexagonal 218 backsplash

Portland Silver countertops and Hexagonal 218 backsplash

Can’t decide which color to go with? Combining both grey and white cabinets gives you the best of both worlds. And, it’s also a great way to add interest to your kitchen while breaking things up. This is subtle elegance, sure to make a lasting impression. Portland Silver countertops are featured here, which have a concrete look, balanced by white cabinets and Hexagonal 218 backsplash.

Dramatically Subtle

Portland White countertops

Portland White countertops

Choosing colors for large spaces can be just as tricky as smaller ones. Here, a touch of grey in the ceiling and molding is a dramatically subtle way of adding a splash of color to this primarily white kitchen – displaying timeless beauty at its finest. Portland White quartz countertops are featured here, which seamlessly blend all of the design elements together.

If you are interested in getting a free quote for your next kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, find the Granite or TREND Transformations nearest you, and sign up for an in-home design consultation.

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