2015 Bathroom Trends

Top Bathroom Trends for 2015

More than 400 designers are in agreement that bathroom renovation trends for 2015 are moving toward a more simplistic, cleaner and contemporary look, according to a style report by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Although homeowners and designers aren’t completely dismissing the traditional rustic, cozy charm of today’s bathroom styles, they are favoring cleaner and more modern lines.

Here are the hottest bathroom trends for 2015 to keep in mind if you’re considering a bathroom renovation in the near future:

  • Soaking and free-standing tubs are taking over the traditional glass-encased rain shower tubs. Designers agree they expect to see a decline in homeowners opting for standard tubs.

Free-standing tubs will become the norm in 2015 over glass-encased showers and tubs.

  • Multi-head showers are becoming more popular as homeowners enjoy the indulgence, luxury and functionality of being misted from all angles.

Homeowners are enjoying multi-head showers because they can be sprayed from all angles.

  • Steam showers may once have been an experience you’d only find in a spa, but the latest trends show homeowners who want that “spa experience” in their own homes – transforming their once five-minute shower into a luxury steam shower experience.
  • Under-mounted sinks are all the rage for 2015. Bowl-shaped sinks on cabinets may have been popular a few years back (and they do offer a place to store your toiletries), but designers say homeowners may not mind finding a place to stash their stuff and opt for a more modern “leggy” sink.

2015 will be the year of under-mounted sinks with sleek, modern legs instead of cabinetry.

  • Gray is the new white when it comes to the favorite color choice for bathrooms in 2015. While white, blue and beige are still popular choices, gray is becoming the fastest-growing shade for bathrooms, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Gray is one of the fastest growing bathroom color choices.

  • Quartz countertops are gaining in popularity as the countertop of choice in the bathroom. Designers say quartz is a major player for 2015.

Quartz vanities and bath tops are becoming a standard choice for homeowners.

  •  Black tile has made its appearance in kitchens across the country, but designers are now opting for the bolder, darker and more intriguing look of black tile. Recycled glass remains a top choice in bathroom design, as it offers a choice of bold colors and the option to go from floor to ceiling for a more dramatic look.

Homeowners are opting for a darker, more dramatic look in the bathroom by using black glass tile.

  •  Radiant heat is one of the hottest bathroom trends, as homeowners enjoy not only the comfort of in-floor heating on cold winter mornings, but the practicality and cost-effectiveness over other heating methods.
  • Televisions, stereos and fireplaces aren’t just for the den anymore. Homeowners are channeling their comfort zones into their bathrooms and designing a once unexpected place for relaxation into a den of tranquility by adding flat screen TVs, surround sound stereo systems, and fireplaces – finally making the name ‘rest room’ a reality.

We hope that this article gives you some ideas if you are looking to remodel your bathroom in the New Year. Please post your comments or questions below.

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  1. Sieneles
    Sieneles says:

    Year of 2015 looks like a time for luxury and comfort – free standing tubs, multi head showers are made special for long relaxation time in the bathroom. Nevertheless, design is deluxe and all shades of grey cause all the best emotions.

  2. MilfordsIpswich
    MilfordsIpswich says:

    Indeed, the “spa experience” is what many want and in their own homes and bathrooms at that. There’s no surprise how technology is also being incorporated. People love high tech and convenience, hence even the bathroom is not an exception.

  3. Chris
    Chris says:

    Nice share. Very inspirational and valuable post. I am planning to buy a new house in the next year. I would love to follow these trends for the bathroom of my new house. Thanks for sharing this helpful post.

  4. Jerry Boggs
    Jerry Boggs says:

    I am glad to see quartz gain popularity. I have always thought that it is the most beautiful choice for countertops. When my tax return arrives, I am planning to renovate my bathroom. My hideous porcelain countertop is the first thing to go. In addition to being ugly, it is hard to keep clean.

  5. Simon
    Simon says:

    I just now got a new couple of end tables from ikea but had
    a headache assembling them, it’s very accurate what they

  6. Licensed handyman San Jose
    Licensed handyman San Jose says:

    Ƭhеre iѕ definitely a great deal to know aboսt this issue.
    I liκe all of the points you have mɑde.

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