Pinterest Storyboard

The Modern Storyboard for Interior Design

Creating a storyboard for your interior design project is a fun and handy way to organize your ideas and inspiration. A storyboard will help you visualize your project and keep you focused. It can be as detailed or general as you like, and you can add or take away from it throughout the entire process. Typically storyboards are created in 3-D form with a large poster board, paper or wall serving as the home base for your design ideas. You pin or tape anything that will help you, from color swatches to sketches to cut outs of inspiring photos. You arrange your storyboard however you like and refer back to it as you work.

Another way to create a storyboard for your interior design project is to make a virtual one using Pinterest. allows you to create a virtual bulletin board where you “pin” any images you want and arrange them in any fashion. Use Pinterest to create your storyboard by pinning images from the web that inspire you and help you visualize the design you hope to create. Another great tool for an online storyboard is Etsy. is not only a great resource for images for your Pinterest board, but it also has a few unique features that will help your interior design project. Here are some ways you can utilize both sites for a more modern storyboard.


It’s probably a sure bet that before you begin any interior design project you will use the Internet to gather ideas. You might search for color schemes, furniture arrangements, home décor items, DIY project ideas, and much more. Use Pinterest to keep everything you find that interests you organized in one place. Install the “Pin It” tool so that you can easily pin any image you come across. Be as liberal with your pinning as you want because you can pair down your board later. After you’ve done some preliminary searching, view all the images in one place on your storyboard and begin editing. You can start to visualize your project as you see what things go together and what things you prefer when they are compared side-by-side. Start grouping your project by dragging images or creating a second board. Eventually you will create a master storyboard to use for your project. Pinterest is great because you can follow back the links of your pins – pin a picture of the new sink you want, and click it at anytime to return to the site that tells you how to install it.


Etsy is a great tool to help you with inspiration for you Pinterest storyboard. Browse the thousands of different independent merchants on Etsy to find unique design elements for your project. From jewelry to home décor to furniture to artwork, you can find a one-of-a-kind piece to serve as the inspiration for your project or a finishing touch. You can use the browse by color tool to pick colors from your design scheme and locate corresponding items for sale. More than just a place to shop, you can use Etsy to communicate with others. In the Etsy community, you can join or create a “team” where many like-minded individuals can get together and discuss anything. Use a team for help creating your storyboard. There are also forums where you can ask questions and an “online lab” where you can view videos on many different topics, such as how-to and DIY. Etsy is a great tool to help you pull together your project.

Incorporating a digital aspect your storyboard does not exclude the need for texture samples and working with traditional paint swatches. Digital storyboarding is simply one extra element to enhance your interior design project a great way to allow friends and family to collaborate in a virtual environment.

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