There’s no better way to celebrate summer than by firing up the grill with family and friends. We have some fun and helpful BBQ hacks to help you ramp up your game and help you earn the title of official “grill master.”

  • Burger Boss: What’s a BBQ without burgers? To grill the juiciest burgers on the block, try making a dimple in your burger to keep it from rising, and fill it with ice chips – or better yet, a pat of butter. The ice or butter will help keep your burger moist so it won’t dry out while it cooks.
bbq burger tips

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Flaky Fish: There’s nothing worse than grilling your fish to perfection – only to have half of it stick to the grill when you remove it. Try placing your fish on a bed of sliced lemons to prevent it from sticking. This fresh and aromatic hack is a flavorful way to add natural lemon flavor to your fish while also making it possible for you to enjoy it in one piece.

Grilled fish tips

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Rosemary Rods: Kebabs are always a fun addition to any BBQ. Surprise your guests by threading meat onto fresh rosemary sprigs instead of wooden skewers. This unique hack is an easy way to infuse the meat with rosemary flavor while filling the air with a delectably smoky aroma.

Rosemary kebabs

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Spray on the Flavor: Move over marinade. Spraying apple juice from a squirt bottle is a great way to kick up the flavor of your favorite meat and keep it moist while it cooks. It works especially well on pork.

Apple juice meat marinade

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Pizza anyone? Who doesn’t love pizza? Treat your guests to an unexpected snack by grilling a fresh pizza while they are waiting for the main course. Garnish the dough with your favorite toppings and cook directly on a well-oiled grill. (Or, use a pizza stone.) Pizza makes a great appetizer and is a nice break from the predictable chips and dip.

Pizza on the grill

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