Laminate Flooring

Flooring Installation: The Art & The Science

Remodeling a home is a large investment. Not just with funds, but with your time. If you’re trying to save money by remodeling your home yourself, the task is a large one to undertake. Between new cabinets, countertops, expanding the space in your home by knocking down and building new walls, it can take months to complete. One of the biggest tasks is installing a new floor. Whether you’re laying new carpet, tile, laminate or hardwood, careful attention to detail and budget is important when installing a new floor.

Steel Tile Flooring

Three Modern Kitchen Floor Tiling Ideas

Floor surfaces, together with walls, dictate the vibe of any room, be it a kitchen, a bathroom or a children’s room. Consequently, updating the design of your floor tiling is a sure-fire way of updating the entire look of the room.