Lavender Modern Bathroom

Ultra Modern Bathrooms

Shower and/or bathtub plus a sink and a toilet equal the universal facilities commonly referred to as a bathroom. How varied can designs really be with these standard functional necessities defining its space? Depending upon the amount of square footage available there are many interpretations of this familiar space. Let’s take a look at the sleek, angular and uncluttered designs that are starting to grace the most necessary room in the house.

Bathroom Carrara vanity and shower

The Bathroom Experiment: Textured Wallpaper

I spend so much of my free time experimenting with my house that sometimes I fear that I won’t be able to sell it. I’m fascinated with how much a visual aspect of a room can dictate its mood. I’ve spent hours online looking at texture articles and studies about which colors inspire which moods.

The result of this research and tinkering is a red painted kitchen, a yellow wallpapered office, and a deep blue living room. While it may seem haphazard, everyone I’ve asked to spend some time in the house has remarked that after a minute, you don’t notice the constantly changing colors because they feel what I was getting at. Red is a passionate color, and makes me want to cook, yellow gives me energy and motivation to get my work done, and a deep blue relaxes me while I’m watching movies in my living room.

I had yet to experiment with my bathroom, as there really isn’t much literature out there on bathroom design for utilitarian’s. I personally don’t care how esthetically pleasing my walls or decor is, I want every square inch of that own I paid good money to own to give back in any way that it can.

Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathroom Art

The bathroom has always been quite a difficult space to decorate, purely because of what it is actually there for. People traditionally took quite a conservative approach to the design elements within bathrooms, which means that they ended up with a room that felt like a guest house. There was also the idea to make the bathroom as luxurious as possible to try and cover up its functions, but this just ended up in sickeningly ornate, busy rooms that seemed to fit in the Roman Empire – you know the type of bathroom, where every open space is covered in a trinket or splash of colour. It seems that the world of artistic design and functional bathrooms could never again meet, but with the return of simple decorating ideas, you can find a balance that will please all of your guests, and encourage you to take the step that your bathroom might need. Here are a few design trends that you could bring in to your bathroom to get the effect that you want.