Commercial Kitchen

The Essentials to Include When Building a Corporate Kitchen

The creation of a commercial or corporate kitchen requires much more planning and care than the creation of a residential kitchen. Not only should the design of a corporate kitchen be very efficient and easy to clean and sterilize at the end of every day, but it should also be fully functional and able to handle many staff and the production of lots of food each day. Here are some of the essentials you will need to address when it comes to building a corporate kitchen:

Shower Head

Creating a Luxury Showering Experience

Time spent in the shower should be enjoyable, relaxing and cleansing. In some homes however, showering is a dreaded task for a variety of reasons. A common cause of shower-phobia is the varying temperature – not being able to find the perfect balance between scolding hot and freezing cold. Another is the power of the water flow, a strong flow that beats down on the skin can be incredibly invigorating in the morning. Many showers however, fall short of this expectation and merely provide a feeble flow of water which doesn’t feel as cleansing.