Installing New Tiles

How to Tile Your Bathroom

Many homeowners who have an older bathroom desire something more modern and appealing; however, a complete renovation may not be practical or affordable. Installing new tile in a bathroom is a project that most homeowners can do themselves and it does not have to be as costly as they may think.

Messy Garage

Getting Your Garage in Gear

If you’ve been parking on the street all year because there is no room in the garage, it’s time to start getting organized. The most important elements to think about when organizing your garage are storage and safety. Tools, chemicals, and supplies should all have designated spaces in your garage to avoid accidents and maintain a neat and clean look. Here are a few ideas on how to maximize storage and safety for a more efficient garage.

Central Heating

DIY Jobs That EVERY-ONE Should Be Able To Do

If you’re new to Doing It Yourself the thought of tackling power tools, timber or plumbing can be a little daunting. Indeed, I have heard people actually say that: “it’s not possible to bleed your own radiators, you have to get a professional in to do anything like that.” I think I bled my first radiator when I was about ten and I still don’t have a certificate. Perhaps DIY’s more about common sense.

Master The Art Of Tiling

10 Tips to Master the Art of Error Free Tiling

Tiling isn’t as difficult as it sounds. It’s normal to be concerned that the tiles might crack, be crooked or not adhere right. The fact is that tiling is actually quite easy, provided you know some simple tips.