Building Integrated Photovoltaics, Commonly Known as BIPV

Who Said Solar Panels Were Ugly?

A lot is happening in the photovoltaic industry these days. The European Wind Energy Association released fresh numbers last month, showing that solar is on top, accounting for almost 50% of total new capacity installed. We can see the same trend is taking place all across the globe. Solar energy is green and sustainable, so […]

Solar Panels

The Benefits of Using Solar Panels at Home

Solar energy, heat and light from the sun, is one source of energy that humans have been using since the beginning of time. The evolvement of technology has resulted in different ways of harnessing solar energy. The most popular way of doing so is to utilize solar panels. A solar panel is an interconnected congregation of photovoltaic or solar cells that can be used to capture energy from the sun to be used as electricity. Since one solar panel produces limited power, you will need to install several panels to really be able to utilize solar energy. The more panels you install the more solar energy you will be able to harness.

EvoEnergy Installation

Solar Energy – A Home Improvement that Pays You Back

A look at solar energy and the ways it can save/earn you money.