Save Money By Having A Painting Party

Guest Post: Tips to Save Time and Money when Painting Your Own House

If you are able-bodied, and not a millionaire, there is no real reason to waste money paying other people to paint your house. I should not be saying this, I guess, according to some people. I was a professional painter for years, and I don’t want to mess with painters’ livelihood, but I also feel that I have a responsibility to the consumers to let them in on a few tips for saving money in these tough economic times. You can paint your own place if you have a little bit of money and a good amount of time.

Dirty Cabinets

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Take a moment to consider your kitchen cabinets: think about how many times a day you open and close them with grimy hands, and how often you splash them with cooking grease as you are preparing meals. Every day your kitchen cabinets take more and more abuse and before long, they are going to start looking worn down. You may eventually need to replace your cabinets, but until then you can make them look as good as new with a fresh coat of paint.