Paver Patio With Fountain

Choosing the Best Patio Materials for Your Home

Picking the right kind of patio materials for your home is as important as choosing a bed for your bedroom (especially if you like sleeping under the stars). In the quest for the perfect house, you should always look for an enjoyable, cozy, and reliable patio that will compliment your surroundings. With so many great […]

A Sit Down And Dine Outdoor Space.

Outdoor Kitchens: The Joy of Eating Outside

Last week’s granite bar post got us thinking: outdoor kitchens are a pretty nice deal if you can swing it. For every homeowner or homebuyer, outdoor entertaining is a must have in their households.And new trends in design are aiming precisely to open-air constructions of rooms that usually have an indoor concept, entering the kitchen. […]

Poolside Bar

Granite Countertops…Outdoors!

Day after day the thermometer seems to poke its head annoyingly above 90. With each passing day the commute to work is filled with more air-conditioned car rides, dry air-conditioned offices, fans blasting at a rate usually seen only in wind farms, and yet when we get home we don’t want to wallow indoors. It’s […]