Lavender Modern Bathroom

Ultra Modern Bathrooms

Shower and/or bathtub plus a sink and a toilet equal the universal facilities commonly referred to as a bathroom. How varied can designs really be with these standard functional necessities defining its space? Depending upon the amount of square footage available there are many interpretations of this familiar space. Let’s take a look at the sleek, angular and uncluttered designs that are starting to grace the most necessary room in the house.

Outreach Pull Out Bathroom Faucet

Modern Innovations in the Bathroom

Throughout the last decade, the bathroom has started to become a modern retreat where more time is spent and more remodeling effort is invested in the home. The modern bathroom allows the user to bathe, shower and even wash their hands in a luxury that wasn’t even envisioned a decade ago but is now available to any home owner that wants to invest in it. We have collected some of the greatest innovations available today in this post for you to drool over, or invest in, when completing your next remodel.

Granite Bathroom

Using Granite in your Bathroom

Your bathroom is the room in your home where you go to relax, re-centre yourself, and go over the events of your day. Bathrooms of old were often loud and colourful in an attempt to distract from the functional aspect of these spaces, but modern designers are moving towards a simplification of the space, and one of the materials that they are increasingly drawn to using is granite. Here are three reasons why granite is perfect in the bathroom.