Kitchen remodel by Granite Transformations

The Most Useful Kitchen Appliances Infographic

Picture this: You just had a brand new beautiful countertop installed in your kitchen, but you can’t really show it off because it’s covered from wall to wall in kitchen appliances. What should you keep and what should you toss? Or maybe you are getting married soon or just bought a house and are wondering what kitchen […]

Classic Chrome Rangehood

Don’t Forget About the Range Hood!

Piecing together all of the different necessary kitchen cooking tools can be a hassle. We don’t just mean tools. We also mean all the heavy duty appliances that go into every top-notch kitchen – the microwaves, the stovetops, the ovens, the sinks, etc. One item that always seems to go a bit overlooked, or at […]

Lightly Colored, Highly Functional Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Trends for 2011

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or simply updating the design you currently have, here’s a  list of fun kitchen trends to look out for once the ball drops in a little more than a month! Bright Appliances. Colorful appliances and cooking accouterments can add an unexpected element of fun to your kitchen. They are an […]