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Dollars and Cents: Reconsidering Green Energy Home Improvement Projects

The utility companies are raising my rates again. Not just the gas company and electric companies, but even the water company this time. I’ve been all around the house looking for ways to conserve energy. I want to save on my energy costs every month, but I also want to just be a good steward to planet Earth. Tough to believe I’m a die-hard conservative eh? Some people would make it seem that people like me want “dirty air and dirty water.” Not true. For example, at first I was opposed to the recent energy legislation restricting the sales and phasing out the manufacturing of incandescent light bulbs. I thought at first, “well there’s another tax increase.” But after looking into it further, I realized that in the long run, energy efficient light bulbs and other energy efficient home improvement projects actually are cheaper in the long run. So let’s look at a few of the options from my conservative viewpoint. Let’s look at some of the dollars and cents impacts of efficiency home improvement projects, primarily three areas, heating, lighting, and water.