Granite Transformations on HGTV's Income Property

Behind the Scenes of Granite Transformations on HGTV’s Income Property

If you missed last week’s episode of HGTV’s Income Property, you did not see a great feature on Granite Transformations’ granite countertops. To get the scoop about installing this countertop for the popular show, we spoke to the installer, Terrell Thurston. Terrell is a dedicated member of the Granite Transformations family—he installs for the Oakville […]

Kids Hard Hats Construction

How to Keep Your Kids Safe During Home Renovation

When I was a little girl in the 1980s, my parents bought a microwave, big as a Buick. I always liked when handymen came to the house for installations. It gave me something to watch besides television, and someone to talk to other than myself. For a few hours, our split-level ranch would be in mild disarray but reassembled by the time my father got home.