Vibrant colors will be the newest home improvement trends.

2014 Top Home Improvement Trends by Industry Experts

Today’s homeowners are feeling confident about home remodeling after bouncing back from the recent recession by diving into a fresh set of design ideas that are trending in 2014. Industry experts weigh in on their predictions for the latest interior design and home remodeling trends.

A 2013 Hanley Wood survey revealed that remodeling sales are up 10 percent (when compared to 2012), and this number is expected to increase another 10 percent in 2014, according to 45 percent of remodelers who were surveyed. Among all rooms in a home, kitchen remodels scored highest and bathroom renovations came in a close second. Here are their top five remodeling trends for 2014:

More Modern Kitchens – Sleek and simple is the new look to today’s modern kitchen renovation. Where the warmer, rustic feel of the past was once the most popular décor, it is now all about white and grey cabinetry, simple countertops, glossy finishes and simplistic designs. Even appliances are being hidden away or blended into the design to create a more refined appearance.

This kitchen utilizes a simplistic design with a modern flare. Done by Granite Transformations.

Brass is Back – Brass is back (but not like you think). The highly polished, bright brass fixtures and lighting that we’ve all come to know have been replaced by a more elegant and rustic finish. Designers are incorporating this new look of dull and hammered brass into kitchen and bathroom hardware, as well as lighting and door hardware.

Resort-style Bathrooms – Vintage-style bathrooms are giving way to resort-style designs with amenities such as large walk-in showers with multiple showerheads, heated floors and towel racks and jetted bathtubs. Soothing neutral and cool colors (like Ash Gray, Light Blue and Off-White) are becoming more popular, as are glass tiles.

Resort Style Bathroom Design utilizes neutral colors, free standing tub and glass tiles. Done by Granite Transformations.

Turn up the Color – According to Pantone, the international authority on color, vibrant colors that include Green Flash, Lemon Zest, Nectarine and Rouge Red will be interior designers’ new color palette for accent walls, main paint colors and flooring in bedrooms and main living spaces throughout the house.

Vibrant colors will be the newest home improvement trends.

Staying Green – Energy-efficiency and the use of renewable and sustainable materials is expected in today’s home renovations. Experts agree that homeowners will see more renewable materials such as recycled glass counters and backsplashes, energy-efficient appliances and more creative designs incorporating local climate.

Here are some additional predictions for interior design and home remodeling trends for 2014 and beyond:

Free Standing Tubs – Are becoming more popular than tiled-in tubs, and they take up less space in the bathroom.

Floating Shelves – Open up spaces in the kitchen by eliminating long runs of cabinets by creating different sections.

Express Yourself – Homeowners will put it all out there when it comes to bold use of color or ornamentation. Some examples are the use of jeweled colors, gilded frames and layered textiles.

Multigenerational Living – Households that accommodate aging parents and boomerang kids are becoming more prevalent today, as homeowners are finding themselves designing bathrooms with features ranging from wall mounted sinks for wheelchairs, to walk-in bathtubs, to motion-sensing faucets that may make life easier for everyone in the family.

Urban Downsizing – As downsizing continues to be a trend among homeowners, moving closer to urban downtown areas in smaller spaces is becoming more popular than living in larger homes in the suburbs.

Whether you want a modern kitchen, resort-style bathroom or environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials to remodel your kitchen and bath, Granite Transformations has what you need to help your remodel go smoothly. Contact us for a free in-home design consultation, and get started on your home improvement project.

Remodel Your Fireplace With Granite Transformations

Granite in Unexpected Places

Although Granite Transformations is primarily known for kitchen and bathroom remodels, we can also help with a variety of non-traditional remodels in and out of the house. In fact, our granite surface is so versatile that it can be used for nearly any kind of projects, including floors, fireplaces, boats, RVs and more.

Floors— When it comes to flooring, Granite Transformations’ gorgeous granite surface is unrivaled due to its durability, scratch resistance and low-maintenance qualities. Furthermore, an investment with Granite Transformations flooring also means taking advantage of a lifetime warranty.

Fireplaces – Remodels involving fireplaces are usually very intrusive and disrupting, but that is not the case with Granite Transformations. In addition to our professional installation, our granite surface requires little maintenance for this typically difficult to care for home element.

Boats and RVs – Our multifunctional and beautiful granite surface can be used to resurface countertops, flooring and more on your boat or RV, allowing you to create your perfect home away from home. Our surface is ideal for these uses because of its low maintenance and durable properties that is suitable for a life on the road or sea. Plus, our unique product is not as heavy as one would imagine so you won’t add significant weight to a boat or RV and compromise gas mileage for a beautiful remodel.

Our products can also be used for a number of other home improvement projects, including pools, benches, sculptures, bar areas and more.


To learn more about our remodeling services, find your nearby Granite Transformations location to schedule an in-home consultation now.


At Granite Transformations, We Offer A Gorgeous Selection Of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Reinvest Your Tax Refund in Your Home

As the deadline for tax returns approaches, you’re probably compiling a list of things you want to buy with your tax refund money. One of the smartest decisions you can make is to reinvest this money into your home by remodeling key areas of your home. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost vs. Value Report, kitchen and bathroom remodels have some of the biggest pay off, retaining 65-75% of the cost on a U.S. national average when you sell your home. Granite Transformations products offer an easy and quick way to give your kitchen or bathroom a beautiful new look with a selection of materials and colors you are sure to love.

As the highest-traffic area of the home, the kitchen experiences a lot of wear and tear. Granite Transformations can help you utilize your tax refund to install a granite overlay, reface cabinets and add a backsplash to update your kitchen. This season’s biggest trends for kitchen remodels include bold patterned granite countertops which provide a durable and solid surface as well as darker wood tones which add warmth to kitchen cabinets.

Next to kitchens, bathrooms are the most remodeled room in the home. At Granite Transformations, we offer a gorgeous selection of glass mosaic tiles available in a variety of colors and custom design patterns. These glass mosaic tiles are extremely versatile, as they can be used for bath and shower walls, vanity accent details, decorative walls and more. Our durable and mildew resistant granite surfaces are also ideal for vanities, shower walls and floors.

To learn more about our kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, call to schedule an in-home consultation now.

Countertop Installation

Kitchen Counter Installation

Kitchen counter installation is an involved process, to say the least. When choosing countertop material you’re also choosing how to spend the days of installation – in your home or outside of it. If you choose a thick slab like traditional granite, marble, or soapstone you’ll probably want to escape the confines of your home as the contractors will be ripping out chunks of your island, countertop base, and making a general mess of things for about a week or more. If you’ve got new cabinets to compliment the new countertops then, well, fuggedaboutit!

You have to prepare yourself for the noise and debris and you’ve got to account for your stress levels rising. What if there was a different way?
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Autumn Is Upon Us

8 Great Tips for Transforming Your Home for the Fall

Now that summer is drawing to a rapid, sweltering, and hurricane-filled close, we thought we’d be the first to shift our design focus towards the ethereal images of autumn. Summer calls for lighter colors, more open designs, and a lighter touch – not one aimed towards coziness, but more towards free-flowing, airy fixtures and open-windowed freshness. Though as hurricane season bears down on us coastal dwellers, turning the breezy summer air into close-those-shudders wind that will knock a shingle or two off, we have to begin to plan for a gentle ascension into fall. Here are eight great tips for transforming your home into an autumn wonderland.

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Coffee Table

Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Better…

Just when you thought you had us figured out, here we are, throwing you a curveball. Many people know us as quality providers of granite countertop overlays, glass countertop overlays, refaced cabinets, acrylic bath liners, and glass mosaic tile – commercially as well as in the comforts of your own home. But now we have taken our talents to a slightly less affixed sector – furniture!

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Some Granite Countertop Colors

The Bowling Ball VS. Our Trend Stone…Who Will Prove the Victor?

Well, if you haven’t browsed the Granite Transformations site lately you ought to go take a couple of minutes and give it a once over. Right as you arrive on our home page you’ll find a semi-discreet video box just to the right of the main center graphic. What most people don’t do is click on it, but man oh MAN should they ever. I sometimes forget exactly how cool one of our videos is, but I’ll allow you to make your own judgments. Ladies and gentleman, without further ado I re-present to you “Bowling Ball vs. Trend Stone.” Enjoy!

Seems pretty conclusive, folks. The bowling ball absolutely decimated the regular slab of granite while our composite trend stone showed the bowling ball who was boss – and the trend stone looked great doing it! Seriously though, if your counter top can withstand some hard, Charles Barkley-like dribbles of a bowling ball with nary a scratch then just imagine the resistance your new granite countertop can have against typical kitchen mishaps. Oh the possibilities.

The Revamped English River Boat.

A Kitchen Fit for Poseidon

We spend a great deal of time on our blog talking about homes, way to upgrade homes, other people’s homes that we think are notably attractive, and basically anything else you could think of that can be neatly filed under the keyword “home.” Well today is your lucky day, especially if you’re someone who prefers the nautical lifestyle to one bound by yards, sidewalks, and driveways.

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Juxtaposed Before And After Work From Granite Transformations

Granite Overlay Installation: A Day in the Life

A harrowing, time-devouring experience? No. A quick, kitchen coddling exercise in rapid turnaround with beautiful results? Yes! Granite overlay installation is the quick way to give your countertops a fresh new look without all of the demolition, hassle, or home disruption. In only a couple of days from deciding that granite overlays are for you, a beautiful new kitchen can be utilized to its full potential. Allow me to walk you through the process…

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Granite Counter Top

Granite Counter Installation: Go With Countertop Overlay

If you are considering new countertops, granite is an excellent option that will bring a special touch of beauty and elegance to your home. However, you will likely have concerns regarding how difficult the installation will be and the extent to which it may interrupt your daily life. Choosing an overlay countertop is a great way to lessen the headache of installation and be rewarded with stunning results. Trend Stone is a custom-fitted overlay engineered from the world’s highest quality granite, stone, and quartz. It adheres directly to your existing countertops so the hassle of demolition is avoided.

The process is very simple and installation is finished in the space of one day. After all measurements are double-checked for accuracy, a custom Trend Stone overlay will be produced to suit your countertop. It is then cut, and brought to your home where it is applied to the existing countertop with a powerful adhesive. The surface is remarkably strong, even stronger than traditional granite. And just like that, your countertops are completely transformed and ready to be enjoyed by you and your family. With the help of the professionals at Granite Transformations, the installation of your countertops will be quick, easy, and entirely painless!