Granite Transformations work at a Marriott.

Granite Countertops for Your Business

Since the dawn of domesticity, granite countertops have been the bee’s knees of classy kitchen surfaces. Today, however, tuned-in business owners are realizing this natural material has uses far beyond the housewife’s cutting block. The same key functions that have been attracting homeowners to granite for decades offer even greater advantages for a productive workplace. […]

A Sit Down And Dine Outdoor Space.

Outdoor Kitchens: The Joy of Eating Outside

Last week’s granite bar post got us thinking: outdoor kitchens are a pretty nice deal if you can swing it. For every homeowner or homebuyer, outdoor entertaining is a must have in their households.And new trends in design are aiming precisely to open-air constructions of rooms that usually have an indoor concept, entering the kitchen. […]

Granite Bars Go Great Outside.

The Unique Beauty of Granite Bar Countertops

With people spending more time in their kitchens today, home makeover trends are paying extreme attention on transforming this room in the most enjoyable part of a house. With this exciting journey ahead, you must keep in mind that granite countertops for your center island and wraparound breakfast bar deserve the most care in your […]