DIY landscaping

Money-Saving DIY Landscaping Tips

Think of landscaping as the ultimate accessory for your home. The perfect balance of trees, shrubs and flowers can enhance your street appeal and welcome your friends and family to a showcase of beauty. Most often, however, this makeover comes with a hefty price tag. Traditionally, homeowners may expect to pay anywhere from 5% to […]

Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable Gardening 101 by Jenna Pacht

There are thousands upon thousands of different forms of life on the planet Earth. Despite the sheer number of organisms, only one species is advanced enough to dramatically reshape the world around it to its needs – that would be humans. Humans are exceptionally good at utilizing the natural resources of the planet; however, one thing that they aren’t doing so well these days is practicing sustainability. Sustainability refers to the idea of making sure that we don’t use up natural resources faster than the planet can replenish them. In centuries past, sustainability wasn’t as major as an issue since there weren’t as many humans on the planet, and thus, the amount of natural resources they used and the rate they used them at did not overwhelm Mother Nature’s ability to replenish them. However, today, huge numbers of people are using up too many resources too quickly, and it has created a serious problem.