Engineered Stone is a Great Alternative To Ordinary Granite Countertops

Alternatives to Granite Countertops – Stunning Engineered Stone

Nature Made Granite. We Made it Better.   We often get asked by our clients about alternatives to granite countertops. One of the questions we hear most is: “I would like something other than ordinary granite for my counters—what options do I have?”   While we appreciate the beauty of ordinary granite, Mother Nature certainly […]

I Bet Your Granite Couldn't Withstand A Chop From This Man

Engineered Granite vs. Slabs: How They Stack Up

When you’re purchasing granite for your home, whether it be for your countertops, fireplace, floors, or anywhere else you can find a place for it; do you really know the granite you’re using? Where did it come from? How does it compare to other varieties of granite? Basically, is this the granite for me? Well, […]