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The Results Are In from the Fourth Annual “Houzz & Home 2015 Survey”

If home renovations are on your radar in the near future, we thought you would enjoy hearing about the latest findings of the fourth annual Houzz & Home 2015 Survey, specifically the Houzz Renovation Considerations Index. Over 260,000 homeowners and renters around the world shared their views on renovation projects they worked on in 2014 […]

Green Home Remodeling

The Demand for Green Home Remodeling Products is on the Rise

As Earth Day will be here soon, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make your home and life greener and more sustainable. We have some interesting facts and figures about how green building and remodeling have become increasingly important factors for homeowners and builders. Homeowners today are becoming increasingly aware of their […]

Choosing a Replacement Boiler

This article looks at the different sorts of boiler available, who they might suit, and what the best rated brands in the UK are.

Home Value

Top Five Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Negative equity is something that all homeowners fear. Fortunately, it’s possible to protect your property investment with a few judicious home improvements. Investing money up-front to improve your home will not only serve you well while you live there, it will pay off when you come to sell. Even if you’re on a limited budget, […]