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Could Making Power Tools Too Safe Mean We Lose Our Respect For Their Risks?

When it comes to safety, power tools are among the safest things that you have in your home. This is because everybody knows how dangerous they are and generally treat their drills, sanders and tabletop saws with the utmost respect.

Please Keep Your Child On A Leash

14 Ways to Make Your Home More Kid Friendly

Statistics have shown that most accidents really do happen at home. Whether you have small children of your own or you have children visit, you should take steps to keep little ones safe. Below are a few simple things that you can do to make your home safe for kids.

Renovation Boom: Aging-in-Place and Universal Design

Renovation Boom: Aging-in-Place and Universal Design

There are close to 80 million baby boomers in the United States alone. The effect of baby boomers on many fronts is widespread due to their vast numbers, and the housing renovation industry will feel those effects over the next 20 years. At 80%, Americans over the age of 55 have the highest home ownership rate of any age group in the country.