Hardwood and bamboo flooring has become an Earth-friendly trend.

Nine Easy Ways to Make a Green, Earth-Friendly Home

Although the green movement and many Earth-friendly messages have made their presence known in the mainstream, there are still homeowners who are unaware of some easy energy and money saving changes they can make to combat both high utility bills and global warming. With a few minor adjustments to one’s home, the savings can really […]

Granite Transformations Offers Eco-Friendly Options

Granite Transformations Offers Eco-Friendly Options for National Recycling Month

As Earth Day approaches and in recognition of National Recycling Month in April, you may be more conscientious of the environmental impact you make on a day-to-day basis. If you’re considering a home remodel, one way to reduce waste while getting a beautiful new space is to choose Granite Transformations for your remodeling needs. With […]