Gray Kitchen Cabinets

2016 Kitchen Design Trends

It’s no surprise that kitchens remain “the heart of the home” and are the main focus for homeowners when it comes to remodeling. Whether they are considering a major renovation or a few trendy tweaks, homeowners are embracing the hottest new kitchen design trends forecasted for 2016 to keep their kitchens looking their best. Gray […]

2015 Granite Transformations Convention Keynote Speaker Vern Yip

Highlights from Vern Yip’s Presentation at the 2015 Granite Transformations Convention

Granite Transformations holds an annual franchise convention that is used as a platform for the franchise network to discuss new ideas and trends in the home remodeling industry, share strategies, network and celebrate success. At every convention, there is typically a keynote speaker, and at this year’s convention, it was celebrity designer Vern Yip. So, […]

Granite Bathroom

Using Granite in your Bathroom

Your bathroom is the room in your home where you go to relax, re-centre yourself, and go over the events of your day. Bathrooms of old were often loud and colourful in an attempt to distract from the functional aspect of these spaces, but modern designers are moving towards a simplification of the space, and one of the materials that they are increasingly drawn to using is granite. Here are three reasons why granite is perfect in the bathroom.