Kids Hard Hats Construction

How to Keep Your Kids Safe During Home Renovation

When I was a little girl in the 1980s, my parents bought a microwave, big as a Buick. I always liked when handymen came to the house for installations. It gave me something to watch besides television, and someone to talk to other than myself. For a few hours, our split-level ranch would be in mild disarray but reassembled by the time my father got home.


A Contract for Success: Hiring the Right Contractor

Here’s a secret: hiring a contractor is one of the most important things a homeowner must do. Without the right contractor, you can lose time, money and patience. In this economy, no one can afford to work with an inexperienced and unreliable contractor. Thankfully, there are a series of easy steps that can make this search successful. Think of this process as something you would do when buying any kind of good or service. You get all the facts, talk to several providers, review the numbers and make a final choice.