It's after March 21! Get to cleaning!

Springing into Cleanup Mode

Part II of our Spring Cleaning Series Regardless of your daily, weekly or even monthly cleaning habits, when spring rolls around it’s time to give the house a good once over. Dedicate an upcoming weekend to banishing dust, dirt and grime from your home to ensure you’ll start with a clean slate for the warm […]

Cleaning Countertops Shouldn't Be This Unpleasant

Countertop Cleaning – We Make it Easy

Stain-resistant…Heat-resistant…Scratch-resistant…Smell-resistant!! Unlike other countertops, granite doesn’t absorb odors or constantly remind you of your pre-bamboo cutting board period and your serious underestimation of what an 8-inch chef’s knife can do. Gist: Granite Transformations countertops are an affordable update; moreover, they’re extremely easy to clean and to keep looking clean. Sound good? The secret is in […]