Renovating On A Budget

How to Renovate on a Budget

Home renovating is not something to do on the cheap. However, having a budget is not the same as being stingy. When homeowners think about renovating, they typically conjure up images with teams of contractors walking in and out of their house, tools and materials in-hand.

But “renovation” is not the same as “rehabilitation”. Renovating simply means updating a space. Whereas rehabilitation often requires extensive demolition, followed by new interior and/or exterior reconstruction. With this is mind, you can be more confident about renovating on a budget.

Long Corridor With Rooms

Home Extensions & House Layouts: Getting the Layout Just Right

Home extensions may mean that you can change the use of an existing room so that it better serves you or your family. Or, a home extension may simply let you indulge by adding space that you didn’t have such as an extra bathroom, some more bedrooms, a utility room or office. Whatever your reason for extending, it’s possible to change the layout of your home so that you can add value and improve the way you live.