Tropical Beach Wall Mural

Picking The Perfect Wall Mural For Your Bedroom Oasis

A wall mural is a great way to turn your boring, lifeless bedroom into a serene sanctuary that inspires and motivates you to get out of bed in the morning. But whilst murals are becoming increasingly popular, it is important to make the right choice. Getting the wrong mural is a decision you will regret […]

Modern Bedroom

Small Bedroom Solutions: Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Like a Big Space

When your bedroom is smaller than you would like you’ll want to be creative and make thebest use of your space.  Following a few simple principles will help keep your bedroom a cozy sanctuary instead of a cramped mess. Beds: For your bed a metal frame or a divan with a headboard and no footboard […]

A Pillowtop Mattress (U.S. Size "Queen")

Bedroom Furniture – Create Your Own Space

Your bedroom is your own personal space in the world, where you can retire after a tiring day, block the outside world and enjoy some moments of pure tranquility. This where you can relax, ponder and enjoy the comfort. Hence, your personal space should replicate your personality and this should exude from all parts of the bedroom. If you are planning to renovate a bedroom or design a new one, you would require a set of bedroom furniture that will go well with your interiors, set the right atmosphere and give you the right contentment and coziness.


Best and Worst Renovation Investments

Many homeowners want to add value to their homes and aren’t sure of what makes for the best renovation investments. Whether you want to enjoy the renovations in the here and now or just get them done to make the house more marketable or valuable, you can invest in options that will benefit you. It’s important to consider what your budget is, what you want out of the renovation, and how sound of an investment it is sure to be for you now and in the future. Knowing which home renovations actually add appeal and value is the best way to maximize the value of your property.

Living Room

Furniture Arrangement for Beginners

Without a doubt, the arrangement of your home’s furniture can be a make or break portion of the overall look and feel you are aiming for. Even if you have found the perfect pieces of furniture, catchy accessories, and gorgeous wall colors, a poorly organized furniture scheme can ruin an entire room. Whether you are […]

Hotel Room

Giving Your Bedroom the Feel of a Swanky Hotel – On a Budget

Do you love staying in luxury hotels? Does returning home after a holiday hit you hard because you hate your own bedroom? If so, these tips will help you to turn your home into a local luxury hotel that you’ll look forward to returning to each night. The magic of hotels A huge part of […]