Small Bathroom

How to Make Better Use of Space in a Small Bathroom

As a family grows, the bathroom seems to shrink. A small bathroom can easily become cluttered and untidy, and finding a home to store toiletries, towels and other accessories can become a challenge. When space is limited, some creative thinking is needed to make a bathroom both aesthetically pleasing and functional. It is possible to make the bath area seem much bigger by making simple changes in design and storage options.

Line Your Bathtub With Glass Mosaics

Mosaic Tiles for Your Bathroom

A clean bathroom is no joke. It’s a real pity when we spend hours and hours cleaning the tiles and surfaces of the room and end up dealing with stains that are impossible to vanish. Ironically, the place that people relates the most with cleanness is the one that gives us more trouble for its […]

Custom Mosaic Tile Message In DMA Bath

More Like the MOMA than Your Bathroom

Oh the joys of remodeling! We all seem to want to spice up our home from time to time, but much of the time we fall prey to the conformed look. Let’s all get glossy countertops, new cabinets, a big, stylish mirror, and have a technically sound, yet roomy and luxurious shower/tub. Yes, this is […]

Not The House Of Your Dreams...Yet

The Ballad of the Ruined Tub Liner

We’ve all moved into new homes and apartments expecting, at the very least, a dollop of work to be done here or there. Whether it be some slight repairs or a full remodel, the inclination to better a new home certainly exists in many of us. Though, as some of you know all too well, […]