Design Your Home for Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

In a world of uncertainty, one thing is certain: we all have our own unique personality traits. This month, we are highlighting design tips for creating the perfect space in your home based on your Myers-Briggs® personality type. Whether you’re an extrovert, introvert (or fall somewhere in between), you will find a perfect balance of creativity and design to make your home all your own.

Once you have an idea of what your personality type is (for example, ENTP or ISFJ), we will break it down letter-by-letter to see what each trait reveals about designing a space that’s best suited for you. Let’s get started!

How You’re Energized

Extroversion (E): If you’re considered an extrovert, or have tendencies to fall into this category, then you thrive on creating spaces for entertaining. Your desire leans toward creating a home with a welcoming and comforting atmosphere that will be well-suited for get-togethers and random drop-ins. Open layout designs that have plenty of seating make you the happiest. You also make it a point to have either a well-appointed guest room or a comfortable couch for those overnight guests who just can’t get enough of your company.

Bring guest room design with additional seating

Introversion (I): If you’re more of an introvert, then you most likely enjoy spending some alone time in a private retreat to recharge your batteries. When thinking about the perfect space for you, consider creating a special area of your home for reading or relaxing that is away from the action. Loft living is not the best choice, so if there is more than one introvert in your family, you may want to consider spaces with walls or mini-retreat areas.

Green and white sitting room

How You Gather Information

Sensing (S): This personality type tends to be very practical and is a present-minded thinker that typically doesn’t have too much stuff, so paring down is not usually a problem. If you find yourself weighed down with too many things, however, you might want to consider using a capsule wardrobe, or white, sleek, simple counters and cabinets (or other ideas designed for minimalist living). Form over function is the best concept for you when choosing the design for your space.

Minimalist and modern kitchen

Intuition (N): You probably know this already, but you always trust your instincts. Making decisions for yourself and not adhering to the norms or other people’s advice is the way you roll when it comes to doing what is best for you. Finding yourself questioning why you chose a certain paint color or where to hang a picture is not out of the ordinary for someone like you – who follows their intuition. You may tend to have unexplained satisfaction in knowing you indulged your wants – because it was the perfect choice for you.

Open kitchen with bold features

How You Make Decisions

Thinking (T): If you’re more of a thinker, you’re known for your analytical skills and being an ace at strategizing – always coming up with the perfect solutions. This makes designing an open forum, as you won’t conform to conventional ideas about room layouts or traffic flow. You, alone, are the best qualified to determine what designs will work best for you and your family.

Modern bathroom design

Feeling (F): You are guided by your feelings and most likely considerate of others. Gift giving, doing for others and performing acts of kindness are ways that direct your life path. So, when it comes to designing your space, you’ll keep all things in mind in order to make life better for everyone. If entertaining and baking are your passions, be sure to create spaces to support both.

Modern kitchen design

How You Approach Life

Judging (J): If you fall into this category, you already know that you live by routine and are extremely organized. You live by planning things in advance and following a step-by-step pattern. Having calendars and to-do lists on display and investing in home organizers is the way to go to keep everything that’s on your mind in plain sight and right at your fingertips. You also prefer spaces that are built for specific purposes and have ultimate functionality. So, be sure to create spaces that meet your specific needs, like this walk-in pantry.

Functional walk in pantry

Perceiving (P): You are known to most as a free spirit and one who likes to mix things up. Keeping your options open makes you feel uninhibited, since you like to make things up as you go along. This personality type likes to redecorate often. Try finding new ways to use old furniture and switch things up to keep your home looking fresh and different.

Eclectic open concept design

We hope you found this ‘design by personality’ exercise fun and informative. Granite Transformations is by your side to help create the perfect space that’s right for you. Schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation today and see how we can help you achieve a design that’s best suited to your personality. Our teams of dedicated, experienced professionals are ready to help you get started with a kitchen or bath renovation.

Contemporary Bathroom: Look #1

Series: Selecting the Right Materials for Your Design Style: Contemporary

Tapping into your personal style of home décor can be an exciting endeavor. Granite Transformations makes the process seamless by helping you coordinate the perfect combination of cabinets, countertop and backsplash to create the beautiful space you’ve always dreamed of.

In this blog, we are featuring contemporary styles that showcase the perfect combination of products from Granite Transformations to reveal the look and feel you’re striving for.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary Design Style is the perfect balance of modern and chic. This style is expressed through clean lines and a fresh take on elegance. Keep in mind that “less is more” when trying to achieve a contemporary look. Smooth profiles and a strong emphasis on line and form are two essentials of good design. When choosing shades, experts say to go with undertones that add interest. (An example of this would be cream with a touch of green). Overall, contemporary design is all about what isn’t there as much as what is. Open spaces can take on a more sculptural quality and are well-suited for large-scale furnishings, art and accents.

Contemporary Kitchen: Look #1

Contemporary Kitchen: Look #1

Contemporary Kitchen: Look #2

Contemporary Kitchen: Look #2

Contemporary Kitchen Featured Products

One of the beauties of designing a contemporary kitchen is the freedom to use elements from varying styles. Most often, the look includes cutting-edge design and technology and the use of new trends and materials. Homeowners are opting for sleek, stylish designs with high-functioning electronics (like built-in coffee makers, high-performance hoods, and induction cooktops, as examples). When it comes to choosing the right materials, experts say “what’s old is new again” ­– with a new twist on functionality and the use of multiple, layered materials with pattern and texture. Quartz and glass countertops are among the hottest trends in kitchen design (without having to worry about maintenance concerns). Glass mosaic tile backsplashes are becoming a favorite with homeowners, who can now express their personalities through the use of different materials. (Some say it’s their new unique kitchen accessory that allows them to express themselves.)

Contemporary Kitchen Materials

Contemporary Bathroom: Look #1

Contemporary Bathroom: Look #1

Contemporary Bathroom: Look #2

Contemporary Bathroom: Look #2

Contemporary Bathroom Featured Products

When designing a contemporary bathroom, experts say to think minimalistic. Unbroken horizontal lines are the foundation to setting the tone. Cabinets and vanities will have sharp, clean edges, smooth surfaces, single panes and basic hardware – without moldings, face frames or any type of ornamental accents. Countertops are typically quartz. Asian themes work well for a contemporary look, and they follow a more stripped-down approach and leave the space feeling clutter-free. To add interest and drama, designers may use contrasting colors to create a “wow” factor. Overall, contemporary bathroom designs are for those who like everything in its place, lending to a clean, neat and clutter-free space.

Contemporary Bathroom Featured Products

You can achieve these looks (and so many more) by choosing Granite Transformations products. If you are interested, schedule a free in-home design consultation for a free estimate today.

Check out our beautiful new quartz colors from our Trascenda Collection here.

2015 Bathroom Trends

Easy DIY Space-Saving Solutions for Your Bathroom

We’re always looking for more storage space or timesaving tips to make our daily routines a little easier, but we don’t always have the extra time or cash to do it. And for all of you ladies out there – you know all too well how quickly hair and makeup products can build up, which makes it hard to find places to store it all. Well, you’re in luck, because we have found some fun and fast ways to add touches of convenience to your bathroom without spending too much time and money. The best part is that you can do all of these yourself!

Hang a Bookshelf Above the Door

This is the perfect spot to store extra towels, soap, shampoo and other bathroom supplies that you don’t have the space for in your vanity or medicine cabinet.

Hang a Bookshelf Above the Door for Extra Storage(Photo courtesy of and

Add Multiple Towel Racks Behind the Door

Extra Tip: You can also add “S” hooks to your existing towel bars to create more space for drying and hanging towels. You can even use a ladder as a rustic décor piece for hanging extra towels. Wall mounted wine racks can also transform into holders for rolled towels (if you have the wall space).

Hang Multiple Towel Racks Behind the Door

(Photo courtesy of and

Use a Stacked Plate Rack to Save Counter Space and Add Elegance

Extra tip: If you don’t have a stacked plate rack, you can make one yourself using a small plate and candlesticks. You can also use a Lazy Susan in the bathroom (on the counter or inside the vanity) for storing additional products like moisturizers, lotions and hair products.

Use Stacked Plate Racks for Extra Storage(Photo courtesy of

Organize Bathroom Toiletries in a Drawer Using a Kitchen Utensil Tray

This is perfect for a shallow drawer in your bathroom that you just can’t seem to keep organized! Just make sure to measure the inside of your drawer so you don’t find yourself with a tray that’s too big or small.

 Utensil Organizers Can Be Used in Bathroom Drawers(Photo courtesy of

Hang a Second Curtain Rod in the Shower for Extra Storage Space

If you have a shower that doesn’t have a lot of shelf space for your shampoos, conditioners, soaps, luffas, razors, etc., you can hang another shower rod inside your shower to hang hooks for more items. Some shower heads don’t allow a shower caddy to hang from them (due to size, structure or placement), so this is the perfect alternative storage solution. A mesh over-the-door shoe organizer can also provide the space you need (if you have one lying around the house).

Shower Rods Offer Extra Hanging Storage(Photo courtesy of

Hang Spice Racks to Keep Hair Products Easily Accessible and Organized

Extra Tip: You can even hang spice racks inside the doors of your vanity if you don’t want all of your products prominently displayed to your guests. In addition to spice racks, you can also add hooks to the inside wall of your vanity for hanging curling irons and hair dryers. You can also place a magnetic strip in the back of your medicine cabinet to store bobby pins, tweezers, nail clippers and other small metal items.

Use Spice Racks to Organize Small Products(Photo courtesy of

We hope you find these tips and tricks helpful. If you’re in need of a larger bathroom makeover – like a gorgeous, new granite or quartz vanity top and shower, find a Granite Transformations location near you and call us to schedule a free in-home design consultation. Your new bathroom could be just a call away!

Bathroom featuring walk-in shower

Top Bathroom Remodeling Suggestions to Keep Seniors Safer

Watching our parents age brings a new set of challenges and concerns. According to a survey conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), nearly 90 percent of senior citizens prefer to reside in their own homes as they age for many reasons, mostly so they can live by their own rules. This raises the question, “How do we keep our parents safe in their homes while still allowing them to maintain their independence?” Their safety and well-being not only become a top priority, but we are faced with making decisions on how we can modify their homes to allow them to age in place safely.

Design experts and architects agree that mobility is one of the major challenges that senior citizens face (among a unique set of living standards) when it comes to making a home more accessible. They are creating spaces and designs that are stair-free, with larger hallways and floor plans that are more open. Wider doorways and designs with no-step entries are becoming more popular, and family members of aging parents are even opting for wireless video monitoring so that they can catch falls or any distress.

The bathroom of the home is where safety remodeling modifications are most frequently considered. It has been reported that falls are a leading cause of death in seniors ages 65 and older, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This factor has prompted homeowners and family members to take simple steps and adaptations to increase safety and livability.

Here are some safety modification suggestions to help keep your loved ones safe in their homes, while giving you peace of mind along the way:

  • Safety Railings: Adding grab bars to your shower stall, bath tub and toilet area is an easy way to help prevent bathroom stumbles and falls. Grab bars help to assist in climbing in or out of these respective areas. Another great and functional idea you may want to consider is adding a bench or fold-down seat to the shower stall. A bench can provide the solution you were looking for to aid those who need to sit in the shower or for those requiring a bit more stability.
  • No-slip Flooring: Replacing smooth and polished floors with heavier textured flooring will provide additional traction and help prevent slipping and sliding.
  • Raise it Up: Replacing a standard toilet which is lower to the floor with a taller model that adds height can make getting up and down much easier. Increasing the height of vanities can also help eliminate the need to stoop or lean over sinks.
  • Lighting: Adding additional lighting can brighten anyone’s day, especially for the older population who may be struggling with weaker vision. Check to see if the brightening of existing lighting is possible by using brighter bulbs. Consider replacing traditional light switches with rocker switches to help make turning lights on and off easier for those who suffer from arthritis.
  • Tub-to-Shower Conversions: Modifying a tub shower lowers the typical 16-inch high bathtub and replaces it with a lower 6-inch shower threshold. This not only allows for easier accessibility, but creates a much wider and spacious bathing space.

We hope these important bathroom safety modification suggestions were helpful to you. Granite Transformations can help with the bathroom upgrades you may need to support your elder relatives. Check out our bathroom remodeling services and see if there’s a Granite Transformations in your area.

Posh living room area with Polar Ice Granite Transformations floors

The Italian Style of Trend Products Find a Home in Miami Beach

The style and elegance of Trend products have come to life at the residence of Trend Group CEO, Andrea Di Giuseppe and his wife, Frederica Bisazza, Image and Communications Manager of the company – in the exclusive South Beach area of Miami Beach, Florida. Remodeling their prominent apartment at Portofino Tower, Andrea and Frederica began an exciting challenge of incorporating Italian-style with the refined elegance and sophistication of Trend products. The result is nothing short of magnificent, as they transformed their home into a showcase of luxury and grandeur using all Trend products with the cutting-edge finishes that have defined their reputation.

Enjoy the tour, for you will see first-hand all the ways that Trend products can transform your home into a haven of elegance and luxury.

A floor created from Trend Surface in the color Polar Ice was used in the living area, kitchen, master bedroom and office. A unique application of Polar Ice was used as a kitchen countertop and backsplash, creating a special effect of continuity which is enhanced by soothing blue illumination.

Master bedroom with Polar Ice flooring from Granite Transformations/Trend.

Kitchen eating area with Polar Ice flooring from Granite Transformations/Trend.Office with Polar Ice flooring from Granite Transformations/Trend.Modern kitchen with Polar Ice countertops and backsplash from Granite Transformations/Trend.

















The magnificence of the Trend mosaic technique is showcased at its highest level in the three bathrooms shown below. The master bathroom walls are covered in Metropolis Mosaic Tile in Opal and are inspired by the style of Art Nouveau. The shower is covered with Brillante 260 (in black), creating a contrast with other areas of the bathroom.

Mater bathroom with Metropolis Opal Mosaic Tile Walls by Granite Transformations/Trend.Bathroom walls are Metropolis Opal by Granite Transformations/Trend.








The first guest bathroom features the mosaic tile collection Liberty in Bronzite, accompanied by Mix Purity mosaic tiles for the shower floor, and Polar Ice for the countertop – creating the perception of a larger space and a luminous effect.

Liberty Bronzite Mosaic Tiles cover the walls and shower of this guest bathroom

Guest bathroom shower walls are covered in Liberty Bronzite Mosaic Tiles by Granite Transformations











The second guest bathroom features a rich mosaic of precious reflections Brillante 216, surrounding an innovative faucet that descends from the ceiling.

Guest bathroom features a drop sink with Brilliante 216 Mosaic Tiles surrounding it.

Brilliante 216 Mosaic Tile by Granite Transformations.











We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful ways that Trend products have enhanced the beauty and value of this beautiful home. Maybe this tour has even inspired you to consider a home renovation project of your own. If you like what you’ve seen here, we invite you to peruse our full line of products available from Granite Transformations and Trend. Enjoy!

Remodeled kitchen featuring granite countertops by Granite Transformations

Long Term Value of Kitchen and Bath Remodeling: What’s the Return on Your Investment (ROI)?

There are many reasons why homeowners choose to remodel their homes. Generally, the main reasons are to improve the look and feel of their space, increase its value, and nowadays, improve energy efficiency. In extreme situations (such as natural disasters), homeowners may be faced with less cosmetic renovations that may include securing a foundation or improving the insulation. In any event, it’s important to assess the situation and ask yourself: “Which room do I need to renovate the most and will the renovation bring a maximum return on my investment (ROI)?”

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling still remain the most popular projects to budget and plan for, as financially savvy homeowners realize these projects will ultimately increase the value of their homes. In today’s competitive housing market, showcasing new kitchens and baths will help keep sellers in the game and keep buyers at your door.

The kitchen is often referred to as the “hub of the home,” where family and friends gather and spend most of their time. Today’s kitchen renovation experts are seeing an increase in homeowners who want to transform their kitchen areas into an open concept space or great room, combining the kitchen and family room area. Additional storage, a working island, new countertops and cabinetry, as well as investing in new energy-efficient appliances are just a few other popular reasons to place on the list.

Bathroom remodel with custom mosaic tile wall by Granite Transformations

Bathroom renovations, although popular, are taking on a new twist in concept design. There’s no question the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home, not only by your family, but by your guests as well. Homeowners are embracing the bathroom as not just a room of necessity, but one of aesthetical comfort and luxury. The addition of better lighting, a larger window, a more modern shower, double sinks (and even a flat screen television) are just a few of today’s more popular bathroom tweaks.

So what will be the return on your investment (ROI) in these kitchen and bath remodeling projects? According to Remodeling magazine’s 2014 ‘Cost vs. Value’ national report, the average cost of a minor kitchen remodel in the US (that costs $18,856) returns 82.7% of your investment. And, a minor bathroom remodel that costs $16,128 returns 72.5%. These are national averages – as you would expect, the remodeling cost of a major renovation varies depending on the region (New England and the Pacific regions tend to have higher remodeling averages than say the Mid-Atlantic or Mountain regions, but they also vary based on the type of project).

Below is a list of projects that produce a great return on your investment:

  1. Steel front door replacements (costing $1,162) yield a 96.6% return
  2. Attic bedroom remodels (costing $49,428) yield a 84.3% return
  3. Garage door replacements (costing $1,532) yield a 83.7% return
  4. Minor kitchen remodels (costing $18,856) yield a 82.7% return
  5. Basement remodels (costing $62,834) yield a 77.6% return
  6. Bathroom remodels (costing $16,128) yield a 72.5% return
  7. Garage additions (costing $49,911) yield a 69.3% return
  8. Family room additions (costing $80,765) yield a 68.8% return
  9. Bathroom additions (costing $38,186) yield a 60.1% return
  10. Home office remodels (costing $28,000) yield a 48.9% return

(Source: Remodeling magazine’s 2014 ‘Cost vs. Value’ national report)

Although front door replacements and wood deck additions can yield a high return on your investment, they are probably not at the top of a buyer’s must-have list, whereas kitchens and bathrooms typically are the biggest selling points for homes. So if you are going to sell your home at some point in the future, a kitchen and/or bath remodel will likely help you to do that. Don’t forget that it’s also wise to keep an emergency stash of cash for unexpected home repairs, which always seem to crop up at the worst times!

Check out Granite Transformations for all your kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs. We offer a wide variety of quartz, granite and recycled glass countertops, as well as mosaic tile backsplashes and cabinet refacing. You can sign up for a free in-home design consultation and get a free quote, plus a complimentary home remodeling Starter Guide.

If you found this blog helpful or have any personal experiences pertaining to this topic to share, please post a comment below.

2015 Bathroom Trends

Top Bathroom Trends for 2015

More than 400 designers are in agreement that bathroom renovation trends for 2015 are moving toward a more simplistic, cleaner and contemporary look, according to a style report by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Although homeowners and designers aren’t completely dismissing the traditional rustic, cozy charm of today’s bathroom styles, they are favoring cleaner and more modern lines.

Here are the hottest bathroom trends for 2015 to keep in mind if you’re considering a bathroom renovation in the near future:

  • Soaking and free-standing tubs are taking over the traditional glass-encased rain shower tubs. Designers agree they expect to see a decline in homeowners opting for standard tubs.

Free-standing tubs will become the norm in 2015 over glass-encased showers and tubs.

  • Multi-head showers are becoming more popular as homeowners enjoy the indulgence, luxury and functionality of being misted from all angles.

Homeowners are enjoying multi-head showers because they can be sprayed from all angles.

  • Steam showers may once have been an experience you’d only find in a spa, but the latest trends show homeowners who want that “spa experience” in their own homes – transforming their once five-minute shower into a luxury steam shower experience.
  • Under-mounted sinks are all the rage for 2015. Bowl-shaped sinks on cabinets may have been popular a few years back (and they do offer a place to store your toiletries), but designers say homeowners may not mind finding a place to stash their stuff and opt for a more modern “leggy” sink.

2015 will be the year of under-mounted sinks with sleek, modern legs instead of cabinetry.

  • Gray is the new white when it comes to the favorite color choice for bathrooms in 2015. While white, blue and beige are still popular choices, gray is becoming the fastest-growing shade for bathrooms, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Gray is one of the fastest growing bathroom color choices.

  • Quartz countertops are gaining in popularity as the countertop of choice in the bathroom. Designers say quartz is a major player for 2015.

Quartz vanities and bath tops are becoming a standard choice for homeowners.

  •  Black tile has made its appearance in kitchens across the country, but designers are now opting for the bolder, darker and more intriguing look of black tile. Recycled glass remains a top choice in bathroom design, as it offers a choice of bold colors and the option to go from floor to ceiling for a more dramatic look.

Homeowners are opting for a darker, more dramatic look in the bathroom by using black glass tile.

  •  Radiant heat is one of the hottest bathroom trends, as homeowners enjoy not only the comfort of in-floor heating on cold winter mornings, but the practicality and cost-effectiveness over other heating methods.
  • Televisions, stereos and fireplaces aren’t just for the den anymore. Homeowners are channeling their comfort zones into their bathrooms and designing a once unexpected place for relaxation into a den of tranquility by adding flat screen TVs, surround sound stereo systems, and fireplaces – finally making the name ‘rest room’ a reality.

We hope that this article gives you some ideas if you are looking to remodel your bathroom in the New Year. Please post your comments or questions below.

Vibrant colors will be the newest home improvement trends.

2014 Top Home Improvement Trends by Industry Experts

Today’s homeowners are feeling confident about home remodeling after bouncing back from the recent recession by diving into a fresh set of design ideas that are trending in 2014. Industry experts weigh in on their predictions for the latest interior design and home remodeling trends.

A 2013 Hanley Wood survey revealed that remodeling sales are up 10 percent (when compared to 2012), and this number is expected to increase another 10 percent in 2014, according to 45 percent of remodelers who were surveyed. Among all rooms in a home, kitchen remodels scored highest and bathroom renovations came in a close second. Here are their top five remodeling trends for 2014:

More Modern Kitchens – Sleek and simple is the new look to today’s modern kitchen renovation. Where the warmer, rustic feel of the past was once the most popular décor, it is now all about white and grey cabinetry, simple countertops, glossy finishes and simplistic designs. Even appliances are being hidden away or blended into the design to create a more refined appearance.

This kitchen utilizes a simplistic design with a modern flare. Done by Granite Transformations.

Brass is Back – Brass is back (but not like you think). The highly polished, bright brass fixtures and lighting that we’ve all come to know have been replaced by a more elegant and rustic finish. Designers are incorporating this new look of dull and hammered brass into kitchen and bathroom hardware, as well as lighting and door hardware.

Resort-style Bathrooms – Vintage-style bathrooms are giving way to resort-style designs with amenities such as large walk-in showers with multiple showerheads, heated floors and towel racks and jetted bathtubs. Soothing neutral and cool colors (like Ash Gray, Light Blue and Off-White) are becoming more popular, as are glass tiles.

Resort Style Bathroom Design utilizes neutral colors, free standing tub and glass tiles. Done by Granite Transformations.

Turn up the Color – According to Pantone, the international authority on color, vibrant colors that include Green Flash, Lemon Zest, Nectarine and Rouge Red will be interior designers’ new color palette for accent walls, main paint colors and flooring in bedrooms and main living spaces throughout the house.

Vibrant colors will be the newest home improvement trends.

Staying Green – Energy-efficiency and the use of renewable and sustainable materials is expected in today’s home renovations. Experts agree that homeowners will see more renewable materials such as recycled glass counters and backsplashes, energy-efficient appliances and more creative designs incorporating local climate.

Here are some additional predictions for interior design and home remodeling trends for 2014 and beyond:

Free Standing Tubs – Are becoming more popular than tiled-in tubs, and they take up less space in the bathroom.

Floating Shelves – Open up spaces in the kitchen by eliminating long runs of cabinets by creating different sections.

Express Yourself – Homeowners will put it all out there when it comes to bold use of color or ornamentation. Some examples are the use of jeweled colors, gilded frames and layered textiles.

Multigenerational Living – Households that accommodate aging parents and boomerang kids are becoming more prevalent today, as homeowners are finding themselves designing bathrooms with features ranging from wall mounted sinks for wheelchairs, to walk-in bathtubs, to motion-sensing faucets that may make life easier for everyone in the family.

Urban Downsizing – As downsizing continues to be a trend among homeowners, moving closer to urban downtown areas in smaller spaces is becoming more popular than living in larger homes in the suburbs.

Whether you want a modern kitchen, resort-style bathroom or environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials to remodel your kitchen and bath, Granite Transformations has what you need to help your remodel go smoothly. Contact us for a free in-home design consultation, and get started on your home improvement project.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Complements Granite Countertops.

Choosing the Perfect Sink for your Remodel

Now that you’ve selected the perfect solid surface or granite countertop for your newly renovated kitchen or bathroom, your next decision is choosing the perfect sink. With so many options on the market today, Granite Transformations is here to put it all in perspective for you with an easy guide to making the perfect choice.
Stainless Steel Sinks – Experts agree. Stainless steel sinks are the best choice to complement your granite or solid surface countertops because of their undermount capability and durability. Look for lower-gauge stainless steel when selecting your sink to ensure the highest quality and longevity.

Stainless steel sink









Enamel-Coated Cast Iron Sinks – Consumers today still prefer enamel-coated sinks for their beauty and aesthetic qualities. Experts warn, however, that if you are tough on it, an enamel coated cast iron sink may scratch and wear over time.
Enamel Coated Cast Iron Sinks may Scratch & Wear.

Composite Sinks – New to the market and more budget-friendly than other sinks, composite sinks are another option for homeowners. Several types of composite sinks are available, polyester/acrylic being one of them. They are available in an array of colors which are appealing to consumers. Keep in mind, however, that they aren’t as durable as other sink options and tend to be more difficult to clean since they are installed as a ‘drop-in sink’ rather than as an undermount.
Budget-Friendly Composite Sinks with Many Color Options.

One Bowl or Two? – Depending on your space, experts suggest choosing a sink that has at least one oversized sink bowl and one small bowl for kitchens or bathrooms with limited space. If space isn’t an issue, one oversized bowl and one standard sized bowl is best.
Double sinks can vary, based upon the kitchen or bathroom counter space available.

Sizing Your Sink to Your Kitchen – Most homeowners will install their sinks under a window with a view. Be sure to measure the width of the window and select a sink that will complement the size, so that it isn’t too big for a small window or too small for a larger one.
Choose a kitchen sink size that will complement your kitchen window.

Sizing Your Sink to Your Cooking Needs – For avid cooks who might prefer hand-washing their dishes rather than using the dishwasher, experts suggest choosing a large divided bowl sink with an integrated drain board. This wider-style sink allows for more than one cook in the kitchen (dare we say it…?) to avoid getting in each other’s way. Be aware, however, that this size sink is generally more expensive, will require an extra-wide sink cabinet, and also take up much more space. It is recommended for larger kitchens or bathrooms.

Large divided sinks are recommended for larger kitchens or bathrooms.

Multiple Sinks/Fun-Sized Sinks – Homeowners today are opting for islands in their kitchens that are equipped with a smaller sink for quick clean-ups. Having more than one sink in the kitchen saves time and allows for a more stress-free cooking and entertaining environment. Linear sinks (or ‘fun-sized sinks’ as they are affectionately being referred to these days) are the perfect choice for quick water breaks and can be used as a mini-cooler to store ice and chilled drinks for parties and game days. (This ends the need of an unsightly cooler and unending, energy-draining trips to the refrigerator.)
Linear or fun-sized sinks provide the ability for stress-free cooking and entertaining.

Granite Transformations is ready to assist you with a free in-home consultation. One of our professional design consultants is only a call or click away.

Quartz Kitchen Countertop from Granite Transformations

The Advantages of Quartz Countertops: Leaving No Stone Unturned

Having to make one more decision in our busy lives can be overwhelming. Kitchen and bath renovations can take us from calm to crazy in a matter of minutes, so educating ourselves on the best choices for our lifestyles can be the best strategy to minimizing the mayhem and make the process more fun and productive.
In recent years, homeowners ditched their laminate countertops for the more trendy and sophisticated look of granite. In an age where we are constantly evolving and wanting the best bang for our buck, educated consumers are discovering quartz to be the hottest trend in countertops as its popularity is soaring in kitchens and baths across the country.
Made from a mixture of quartz and ForeverSeal®, Granite Transformations® offers quartz countertops in several beautiful fashion-forward colors: Perla Bianca, Perla di Sabbia, Crema Luna, Fire Beige, King Ivory, Pietra Serena, Ivory, Sunset Beach, and Bianco Reale.


Here are some reasons why you should consider quartz when determining the best countertop surface for your home:
• Quartz is very strong, so it is therefore less prone to scratches and chips.
• Quartz is heat-resistant, allowing for a more stress-free cooking environment when you need to set that hot pot down somewhere.
• Quartz is a non-porous surface (making it stain-resistant), thus eliminating the worry of spilled coffee, wine or even olive oil leaving unsightly marks on your countertop.
• Quartz’s non-porous nature makes it more difficult for environmental bacteria, mold and mildew to grow, so it is the ideal choice for kitchens and baths. This provides an extra layer of protection and peace-of-mind…and makes it easier to clean.
• Quartz is available in a spectrum of colors and has a more uniform appearance, creating a sleek and sophisticated look.
• Quartz countertops are environmentally green – meaning they are safe and virtually free from emitting radon gas (a colorless, odorless gas which has been known to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in America, according to the EPA).
Whether you’re ready to create a beautiful new look for your kitchen, bath (or both), considering a quartz countertop from Granite Transformations is today’s fresh alternative to other countertop materials. Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation now!