Home Design Trends to Lose in 2015

Keeping our homes up-to-date and market-friendly means keeping up with the latest design trends and knowing what’s in and what’s out. What was popular a few years ago is being replaced with new design ideas that either reflect the times or revive traditional styles with a modern twist. Here are some of the top design […]

Expert Design Tips on How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Small spaces don’t always require big ideas. If you wish you had a bigger bathroom but simply don’t have the space for one, there are several ways that you can actually make your small bathroom feel larger than it actually is. Whether you’re considering one or two changes or a total revamp, the ideas listed […]

Tremendous 2015 Bathroom Design Trends

Spring is officially in full swing, and that yearly ritual known as “Spring Cleaning” is being practiced far and wide. This is the time of year for change; for getting rid of the old and making way for the new. This desire for change takes home improvement projects into account as well. For this week, […]