Smart Technology Keeps Savvy Homeowners Connected

With just the touch of a button from their smartphones or tablets, savvy consumers can remain in control of everything – from opening their garage doors before they get home to turning on their crock pots from their desks at work.

Here are some of the hottest products we’ve found that can enhance your home and keep you on the cutting-edge of smart technology:

Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat


This sleek thermostat ranks as one of the top Wi-Fi smart thermostats of 2016 for its ability to sense that every room in a house is being heated and cooled perfectly. Remote sensors are placed in each room to monitor the temperature and can even sense when someone is in the room. The Ecobee3 is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and the Amazon Echo (just to name a few), and its mobile app has been tested and reviewed to work flawlessly.


MyQ Garage Door Opener


The MyQ Garage Door Opener from Chamberlain® allows Apple and Android smartphone users to open and close their garage doors via the free app. And the best part is that the MyQ works with all name-brand garage door openers that use bottom-mounted safety reversing sensors. Users can connect to their homes from virtually anywhere, offering peace of mind and convenience – especially on those days when you’re not sure if you closed your garage door.


August Smart Lock


Never fumble for your keys again. This ingenious smart lock is mounted on the inside of your door and senses when you approach – automatically opening the door when you get home, and locking it when you are on your way out. You can even send trusted visitors virtual keys to their Apple or Android smartphones. There are no codes to remember, and you can even monitor who is going in and out of your house – all from your smartphone.


Belkin WeMo Smart Slow Cooker


Skip the dinner reservations with this revolutionary crock pot powered by WeMo wireless smart home technology. Smartphone users can control their crock pots via the WeMo iOS or Android app to do everything – from adjusting the temperature settings, receiving reminders, changing the cook times, and even using the timer to check the status of their meals. Cooking has never been so effortless. Check it out for yourself here.


iHome ISPS Smartplug


Now you can remotely control household items such as lamps, fans and other small appliances with this Wi-Fi-enabled SmartPlug – and without the need for a hub. It’s also compatible with the Apple HomeKit and Siri for turning connected appliances on and off with a single voice command (iOS 9.0 or higher required).


We hope you’ve found these smart products exciting and useful for your home.  For more information on Granite Transformations, or to schedule a free in-home consultation, please visit us at


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