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Resource Guide to Inspire Your Home Renovation Project

It’s time to get inspired!

Updating your kitchen or bath can be just the lift your home needs to bring a renewed sense of originality. Whether you’re looking to renovate your kitchen for holiday entertaining or you want to create a serene spa-like bathroom, we have gathered some of the best resources to inspire the perfect look for your home.


If you haven’t discovered Houzz, you’re in for a real treat! It’s the one spot where homeowners, architects, designers and home improvement companies alike can share photos of their renovations, along with their favorite products (as well as where to buy them) and design details. Houzz has a great app that lets you easily search either by the area or room you’re renovating, your design style, or for a particular product. In addition, this app serves up thousands of photos for you to scroll through to inspire your design. Houzz has a great blog that links straight to the company where you can buy a particular product featured in a photo (with pricing and reviews readily available). Houzz is an absolute must for your next renovation project.

Check out the Granite Transformations’ Houzz page for hot new styles, materials and photos to inspire your home’s new look.

Better Homes and Gardens

Explore an all-inclusive site to add inspiration and information to your renovation ideas. You’ll have access to kitchen and bath planning guides, photo galleries galore, a great video library with design tips, the best ways to design on a budget, great ideas for small spaces, and so much more.

Retro Renovation

Discover how to make what was once old new again on this evocative website. Here, you will experience how enthusiasts are renovating and remodeling their post-World War II homes to recapture the timeless beauty and nostalgia of their older homes. Read about how various consumers overcame difficult challenges with refurbishing their kitchen and bathrooms and got help from the experts. (Who knows, you might be encountering the same problems!)

This Old House

Homeowners and builders alike have turned to “This Old House” for direction and knowledge on home improvement projects. Here, you will have access to a broad range of topics that include projects of the week, downloadable lessons, curb appeal, and designing on a budget, among many others.


This popular television network has inspired homeowners from all walks of life with creative yet straightforward design projects to beautify their space. This website contains an extensive library of remodeling designs for every room in the home (including the closets), along with beautiful ideas for the exterior and outdoor living spaces. The HGTV site includes videos, photo libraries, the hottest design trends and news, seasonal décor ideas, and more.


Pinterest is a great resource for all your home remodeling needs. Simply search for any topic you’re interested in – and get thousands of articles, photos, videos and additional content to drive your renovation project. Be sure to visit the Granite Transformations’ Pinterest page for inspiration, products, ideas, and more.

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