Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Cabinet Options

You have so many options available to you when remodeling or building a new kitchen.  Probably the most expensive component will be your kitchen cabinets.  So what are some of the cabinet features available to help create a truly unique, new space?

Soft Close: Every time I hear my neighbors cabinets slam I think about this one.  Most higher end cabinets now come with a soft close feature that keeps the cabinet doors and drawers from banging.  Ask your supplier if they come standard.  If not, you will probably want to add them.

Dovetail Drawers: You will find dovetails (interlocking finger-like joints) on the drawers of most quality cabinets.  Most discriminating buyers look for these.  They are a symbol of quality as they hold up better over the long haul as apposed to nails and glue.

Plywood Cabinet Boxes: The first thing we see when looking at cabinets are the pretty doors and drawer fronts.  However, don’t forget to look at the actual cabinet box.  The higher quality cabinets come with plywood rather than particle board.  The particle board will deteriorate over time…especially in moist areas.

Light Rail: This piece of trim goes at the bottom edge of the wall cabinets to hide the undercabinet lights.  You can also add a cabinet skin to cover the bottom unfinished area to provide a custom look.

Crown Molding: You can create a really nice contemporary look with a three piece crown.  It takes a little more material and effort, but adds a tremendous quality look.

Refrigerator Cabinet: Ever try to use the 12″ deep typical standard cabinet above the refrigerator?  It takes some seriously long arms to get to them.  Instead, incorporate a refrigerator cabinet to hide the ugly sides of your unit and provide usable storage above. Just make sure to check with your refrigerator manufacturer on proper space around the unit for ventilation.

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