Father's Day

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from the Heart

With Father’s Day right around the corner, choosing the perfect gift for your dad can be tricky. You know he has everything he needs, so how do you decide on what to give him to show how much he means to you? How about your time? Nothing says “I love you” more than the little things, like offering your help on a project he’s been working on or spending quality time doing something he enjoys. There’s no better gift than that!

Here are some suggestions on how to put a smile on his face and make his day extra special:

  • Attend a local car, boat, music or sporting event: Doing your homework ahead of time will make this a day he’ll never forget. Search for local events that you know he’ll love and plan the day around him.
  • Detail his car: Your dad will appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort when he sees his car sparkling inside and out. Go the extra mile and stock his glove compartment with little luxuries, like a small bottle of cologne, a small comb, mints or gum, and a small pad with a pen.
  • The way to a man’s heart: We all know the rest to this age-old adage. Cook him breakfast in bed or plan a dinner or BBQ in his honor. Grill some steaks (or whatever meat he likes) and serve it with his favorite beer, sides and fixings.
  • There for the viewing: Giving him full reign of the remote control is nothing new, but spending quality time watching his favorite movie or sporting event will make his day even more special. Prepare some of his favorite snack foods and stock the refrigerator with his favorite beverages. This one is sure to be a home run!
  • Voucher card: Place a handwritten “voucher” in his Father’s Day card. This voucher entitles him to a day stating that you’ll devote yourself to helping him around the house, in the garage or basement. Whether it is cleaning out the garage, organizing the shed, or helping him clean out his closet, he’ll definitely appreciate the extra pair of hands. (Be extra kind and omit an expiration date. You can’t put a deadline on kindness.)
  • Lawn work: If your dad is in charge of mowing and manicuring the lawn, plan on doing it for him during the week of Father’s Day. Give him a much-needed break from this strenuous weekly activity. Go the extra mile by either cleaning up a part of the yard that’s been neglected, fertilizing the grass, pulling weeds, or planting some flowers or shrubbery. He will appreciate your hard work in making the yard a head-turner. Solicit the help of your siblings to make it an extra special gift.

However you decide to spend Father’s Day with your dad, cherish the moments and enjoy every minute. Granite Transformations would like to wish all the dads out there a very happy Father’s Day!