Kitchen Glass Counter

Glass Kitchen Counters: Stunning And Beautiful

Everyone loves a beautiful kitchen counter, but making the right choice for the perfect counter can be tough. Some of the difficulty lies in determining which color will best complement the décor of the room. For darker rooms, many people like to go with granite or trend stone to give the kitchen a beautiful luster […]

Knoop and Mohs Scale

Granite: How Tough Is Granite Really?

Granite is a tough material, but how do we measure the hardness of granite, or any substance for that matter? The answer is Mohs scale of hardness which is used to measure mineral hardness based on one mineral’s ability to scratch the surface of other minerals. The minerals are ranked on a scale of 1 […]

Floor Planner

FloorPlanner Helps You Plan Home Renovation Projects

If you’re planning on remodeling your home, but are concerned about making measurement or layout mistakes, check out Floor Planner, an online application that allows you to create and share interactive floor plans and eliminate mistakes in your next home renovation project. The app, which is free in the Personal version, allows you to create […]

Countertop Installation from Granite Transformations

Granite Countertops and the Law

Yesterday we outlined what’s typically involved in replacing your existing countertops with whole-slab granite. In addition to those hassles, there is another concern: the law. When it comes to a home remodeling, some local laws require homeowners to secure a permit from a local office. While these laws are established to ensure that the homeowners […]

Trend Stone

Whole-slab Installation: A Hassle You Can Avoid

When homeowners looking to update their kitchens are making decisions, there are two questions we hope they’ll consider. The first is pretty easy to answer: What makes our transformation process better than a typical countertop installation process? At Granite Transformations, to eliminate the hassle of demolishing old countertops and to shorten the time it takes […]

Eve Faucet

9 Beautiful Kitchen Faucets

We see a lot of kitchen counters, which means we see a lot of kitchen faucets. Here are some of our favorites. Some are on this list because they are innovative and functional, some because they just look cool. Spot Illuminated Kitchen Faucet (by Ndwelt) With simple design and illuminated underside, this faucet features head […]

Designer Pages

Designer Pages: An online home design community

If you’re exploring home design options and looking for some inspiration, check out Designer Pages, an online community where suppliers can showcase their products, and designers can pick out items they like and put together design plans. Our favorite is “Product Wars” feature on the homepage, which lets you vote on which one of two […]

Bath Transformations

Services Spotlight: Bath Transformations

  You probably already know that our engineered glass and stone overlay products can be used to transform your bathroom and vanity counters too, but it doesn’t end there. Granite Transformations brings the same consistent and elegant design solutions to bathroom refacing, whether it’s granite overlay or Trend Mosaic wall coverings, shower base and bathtub […]