Poolside Bar

Granite Countertops…Outdoors!

Day after day the thermometer seems to poke its head annoyingly above 90. With each passing day the commute to work is filled with more air-conditioned car rides, dry air-conditioned offices, fans blasting at a rate usually seen only in wind farms, and yet when we get home we don’t want to wallow indoors. It’s […]

Whatever You Do, Don't Eat It!!

The Five Second Rule – Is it Kitchen Safe?

It’s okay to eat that Oreo I just dropped on the floor…right? It’s only been languishing  on the floor for, what, no more than five seconds! Unless you’re eating a sponge (and you never should) the little bits of sustenance you drop on the floor won’t exactly soak up dirt and germs in only five […]

The Bowling Ball VS. Our Trend Stone…Who Will Prove the Victor?

Well, if you haven’t browsed the Granite Transformations site lately you ought to go take a couple of minutes and give it a once over. Right as you arrive on our home page you’ll find a semi-discreet video box just to the right of the main center graphic. What most people don’t do is click […]

The Revamped English River Boat.

A Kitchen Fit for Poseidon

We spend a great deal of time on our blog talking about homes, way to upgrade homes, other people’s homes that we think are notably attractive, and basically anything else you could think of that can be neatly filed under the keyword “home.” Well today is your lucky day, especially if you’re someone who prefers […]

The Ever-Handy Barstool Look.

Get a Kitchen Island You Can Gather Around

Up in the Northeast they have the pleasure of enjoying the hottest temperatures in almost a decade. It’s a veritable scorcher and I doubt people are spending a lot of time roasting outdoors on their decks or patios – no sir, I don’t think many people will be doing much of that this weekend. Well, […]

2010 World Cup

World Class Homes: The 2010 World Cup Edition

Some call it the greatest sporting event in the world. Some plan their lives around the soaring highs and devastating lows that each national team can deliver to their frothing fan base. I’m talking about the World Cup, and right now, just a short skip across the pond, the finest soccer players in the world […]

Cabinet Refacing On the Rise

Cabinet Refacing On the Rise

According to a report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, annual spending on remodeling is expected to accelerate this year, with nearly 5 percent growth over 2009. In our case, cabinet refacing sales are already double the amount than its previous year as we find that an overwhelming amount of people […]

Upholstered Bathtub How Cozy, No?

Artistic Inspiration at its Best

Have you ever stepped into a home and thought to yourself ‘WOW, how did they ever come up with this design?’ It happens quite a bit to me, as I just can’t seem to think as creatively as some of my artistically adept friends. No matter; I get to gander at their designs all I […]

Countertop Space

Make SURE You’ve Got Ample Countertop Space

Have you ever lived in a house or apartment that was really in need of some counter-space? I know I have. Countertops are easily taken for granted if you have them, but when you’re searching for a place to prepare a meal or place any number of items you normally would in a kitchen replete […]

The Journey of that Bottle of Wine You Drank Recently

Remember when you decided to uncork that bottle of Shiraz to celebrate your birthday last year? Well, it’s part of your countertop this year. Now, I’m not sure that you celebrated your birthday in such a fashion, or if you like Shiraz, or if you even enjoy beverages originally housed in glass bottles, but one […]