Carefully Cleaning An Ancient Roman Mosaic.

Mosaics and You: The Remodeling Beginners Guide

I don’t imagine any of you out there reading this would liken yourself an imperial emperor, nor a monarch, nor a Roman aristocrat. So, you must not think that fine mosaic designs and refined, glossy-looking backsplashes adorning every room from the kitchen to the bathroom to the living room would be an option for you […]

Wisconsin Bike Lanes

5 Eco-Friendly Features from our Nation’s Greenest Cities

Boulder, CO: The Solar Access Ordinance In 1991 the city of Boulder, Colorado decided to look toward the future and implement an ordinance that would prove to be the gold (green?) standard for municipal building codes. Due to the rising cost of conventional sources of energy in the late 1980’s the “Solar Access Ordinance” was […]

Kitchen Remodeling Design Color Schemes

The first step when it comes to kitchen remodeling is to choose a color scheme you like.  Once you do that, then you can begin to organize your kitchen design around it. We have selected three of the most common kitchen color schemes below and briefly described how to achieve these looks in your own […]

Recession-Approved Kitchen Remodeling

These days, most of us are being a bit more careful about how we spend our money.  For some, this may mean packing a lunch for work instead of going out to eat. For others, it may mean  renting movies more often than going to the theatre. Living through a recession is all about learning […]