Inspiration of a Contractor

The Artistic Inspiration of a Contractor

Much of the time people look at home remodeling as if it’s all one big bag of the same thing. Remodelers know how to remodel, replace cabinets, install electrical fixtures, countertops, appliances, etc…right? Sure, anyone who says they can remodel can probably get the job done to its most limited and barely satisfactory levels, but […]

Lightly Colored, Highly Functional Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Trends for 2011

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or simply updating the design you currently have, here’s a  list of fun kitchen trends to look out for once the ball drops in a little more than a month! Bright Appliances. Colorful appliances and cooking accouterments can add an unexpected element of fun to your kitchen. They are an […]

Tiny Kitchen

Getting the Most Out of Your Limited Kitchen

If you live in a small apartment or smaller designed house you might have a somewhat cramped kitchen. Many of us are all too used to such constricted conditions as an open oven door blocking the path through the kitchen, or a refrigerator door not being able to open all the way. These design flaws […]

Cleaning Countertops Shouldn't Be This Unpleasant

Countertop Cleaning – We Make it Easy

Stain-resistant…Heat-resistant…Scratch-resistant…Smell-resistant!! Unlike other countertops, granite doesn’t absorb odors or constantly remind you of your pre-bamboo cutting board period and your serious underestimation of what an 8-inch chef’s knife can do. Gist: Granite Transformations countertops are an affordable update; moreover, they’re extremely easy to clean and to keep looking clean. Sound good? The secret is in […]

It's True. It Could Be Yours

Quick Cabinet Refacing

Well, how quick can it be?! Really quick, trust us. Here’s a quick comparison of just how much you’ll be saving by choosing cabinet refacing: Regular Cabinet Replacement: 15-40k, 1-4+ construction. Result? Beautiful new cabinets. Cabinet Refacing: Under 15k AND done in less than a week. Result? Beautiful new cabinets.

Make Your Luxurious Bathroom All That It Can Be

Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Trends of the Fall

In recent years master bathrooms have been looking more like the Caracalla Baths than a simple set of porcelain installations ready to be used for our various degrees of freshening. These colossal master bathrooms have been slowly sauntering back into the home remodeling conversation, especially as the economy looks to rise from late 2000’s ashes. […]

Countertop Installation

Kitchen Counter Installation

Kitchen counter installation is an involved process, to say the least. When choosing countertop material you’re also choosing how to spend the days of installation – in your home or outside of it. If you choose a thick slab like traditional granite, marble, or soapstone you’ll probably want to escape the confines of your home […]

Mosaics In A Shower

Shower Surrounds that Make You Shower Longer

Getting into the shower can draw a variety of emotions from a person. It can mean a break in slumber and an entrance into a new, busy, work-filled day. It can be relaxation after an intense workout. It can also be a time when the last thing you want to do is stay in the […]

Robert Therrien's Oversized, Properly Scaled Furniture

A Little Bit of Alice in Wonderland

Sometimes we have to sit back and remember that when people remodel they want the finished product to reflect their own interests, their own personality. The design, or re-design, of a home is something that takes creativity and imagination. Building a kitchen or bathroom should be something that is enjoyable, something that brings the owner […]

Football Viewing

Revitalize Your Kitchen in Time for Football Season

During the month of September, most Americans know that football season begins, and unless you are able to travel to every game, that also means the start of football party season. It’s much easier to go to a party than throw one, but eventually your friends will notice that you haven’t hosted one since Brett […]