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Five Do’s and Don’ts to a Fabulous Laundry Room

When was the last time you showed off your laundry room? No, it’s not a trick question. The truth is, when it comes to sprucing up our homes, the laundry room may be the one room we overlook. That’s all changing, as today’s trendy homeowners are ramping up their laundry room design by unleashing their […]

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Why Summer is the Best Time for a Kitchen Remodel

There’s a good chance a kitchen remodel is not on your list of things to do this summer – but maybe it should be. Warmer and longer days means more time to spend outdoors with your family, thus freeing up your typically busy kitchen. Think it’s too early in the year to start thinking about […]

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The Top 5 Most Durable Countertops

Looks aren’t everything when it comes to replacing your countertops. Durability plays a leading role when choosing the best surface for your home or business. Busy kitchens and high traffic areas can take a beating, so it’s important to know which countertops will hold up the best against heat, stains, cuts, abrasions, and everyday impact. […]

Tub to shower bathroom

Tub-to-Shower Conversion: Is it Right for You?

Today’s homeowners are going “tub-less,” and for a variety of reasons. Although a bathtub provides the same purpose, not everyone feels the same way about them. Busy lifestyles and safety concerns are just two reasons homeowners are ditching their bathtub for a tub-to-shower conversion. Not sure if a tub-to-shower conversion is right for you? Check […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Cabinet Refacing

Most homeowners agree that the kitchen is the heart of their homes and the room that sees the most traffic. It should be no surprise that homeowners want to give their kitchens a facelift when the cabinets become worn or outdated. Cabinet refacing has become a popular option over a major kitchen remodel in recent […]

Learning the Facts About Quartz Countertops

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, pun intended, you’ve most likely heard of quartz countertops. This popular countertop surface has been gaining popularity in the U.S. for the past 20 years or so, vying for first place with granite. What follows are some interesting facts that help put quartz countertops on the map. What […]

Eco Friendly Design Trends

Eco-friendly Trends that are Efficient and Money Saving

When trying to add some “green” to our lives, one of the first place homeowners turn to is the kitchen. There are several ways you can transform your kitchen, including installing eco-friendly appliances and choosing recycled glass countertops. What about other trends that are sweeping across the nation that can provide efficiency while saving money? […]

Bathtub Surround

Tub Surround Ideas to Whet Your Design Creativity

Does your bathtub beckon you after a long day or does it leave much to be desired? Soaking in a bathtub can be one of life’s most relaxing moments when you can escape from your busy lifestyle and bask in the warmth of bubbly goodness. If you find yourself opting for a quick shower instead […]

Tax Deductible Home Improvements: What You Need to Know

Photo Credit: With tax season upon us, some homeowners are feeling the pinch as they scramble to find deductions to lower their tax burden. Did you know there are some home improvements that can yield a tax deduction on capital gains? While some improvements might be considered repairs, others are considered allowable renovations that […]

Kitchen and Bath Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

Did you know an outdated kitchen or bath can keep your home from reaching its highest valuation? If you’re like most homeowners, then you would agree your home could use a little sprucing up. Whether you’re looking to sell or just want to make some improvements for yourself, investing in a few upgrades in your […]