Best Indoor Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Kitchen

Indoor plants are a beautiful way to add life to your kitchen this spring, bringing a touch of nature into your home. Don’t have a green thumb? We recommend four indoor low-maintenance plants below that will thrive in your kitchen with just a little TLC. Aloe This succulent indoor low-maintenance plant is most commonly known […]

Spend your tax refund on your home

Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund on Your Home

Not sure what to do with your tax refund? Many homeowners consider their tax refunds to be “found money,” and some have it spent before they even receive it. With the average family receiving a tax refund of approximately $3,000, the urge to splurge can be their first reaction. Reinvesting your refund back into your […]

Mudroom with cabinetry

Turn Your Entryway into a Functional Mudroom

Make Room for a Mudroom Just what you needed: another dedicated room in your home. But seriously, you do. Nothing beats a mudroom to help keep the rest of your home clean. More and more, homeowners are remodeling their secondary entry spaces to make them into functional – and attractive – mudrooms. They provide lots […]

Mosaic bathroom with storage

10 Easy Ways to Organize and Add Storage to Your Bathroom

Struggling to keep your bathroom clean and orderly? Do you feel like you just have too much stuff and nowhere to put it? Well, join the club! There never seems to be quite enough storage space to keep our bathroom products tucked away and organized. We’ve come up with ten clever and easy ways to […]

Tiny house exterior

Millennials are Finding Big Benefits in Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are becoming a big idea for millennials who wish to embrace a debt-free lifestyle by owning a home to call their own without the burden of a mortgage to pay. This niche market is popular among those under the age of 35 who may have experienced life the hard way as they watched […]

The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery

The Pantone Color Institute has named Greenery (No. 15-0343) as their 2017 color of the year, coining it “nature’s neutral.” For the past 17 years, the color authority has chosen a hue that reflects the world’s cultural climate. This year, Greenery was chosen to symbolize new beginnings, and was inspired by nature to represent the […]

Countertop Materials

Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Countertop Materials

As kitchen and bath renovations are trending as remodeling resolutions for the new year, homeowners will be searching for the best countertop options. This month, we are exploring the pros and cons of some of the most popular countertop materials to help you choose the best surface for your home and lifestyle. Quartz As one […]

Tile Accent Walls Bring Character and Sophistication to Any Room

Granite Transformations offers a spectrum of European-style glass and mosaic tiles that can be designed to beautifully enhance any room in your home. We have selected an array of varying designs using both Granite Transformations products and others to offer you some creative ideas on how to use tile accent walls. This striking accent wall […]

Hot Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

Tuxedo Cabinets (No jacket required) Don’t let the name fool you. Although tuxedo cabinets sound formal, the trend of varying upper and lower cabinets in contrasting colors is a unique and relaxed way to transform your kitchen from shaggy to chic. Homeowners can dress their homes in style (black tie optional) with a look that […]

Homeowners Getting On Board with Savvy Subway Tile Designs

Considered a budget-friendly option, subway tiles are not only classic, but they can be installed in a variety of fun and interesting patterns to give any room in your home a sense of nostalgia. Here are ten of the most popular subway tile design patterns: Crosshatch      Stack Bond Traditonal Herringbone    Running Bond   […]