Granite Transformations Kitchen Remodeling

Radiation? Not This Time.

When someone installs a deluxe home fixture they probably don’t think it can slowly act as a promoter of cancer, but they should know before continuing that all Granite Transformations granite is 100% radon free. That being said, back in 2008 the New York Times threw just about everyone who owned, was about to own, […]

Red Pyramid, Egypt

Granite: A Walk Through Time

Here at Granite Transformations we pride ourselves in offering a full menu of home remodeling options that can remake almost any room in your home. With that being said, we think this blog is a great place to talk about the history of our flagship product, granite, and why exactly people love installing this material […]

Trend Glass Countertops

Services Spotlight: Trend Glass

With a name like Granite Transformations, it may be easy to overlook the other options and services we provide. Some people may actually think of granite as an outdated look, while others view it as upscale/welcoming/kitchen-y. We have solutions for modernists and traditionalists alike, if granite now falls under the traditionalist aesthetic in your view. […]

Going Green

6 Ways We’re Green

Granite Transformation shows dedication in delivering high quality, environmentally friendly solutions for your kitchen and bathroom. Since the green movement came upon us so quickly, many companies claim to be “green”, but consumers are sometimes unsure of what that actually means. What does green mean to us? Here are 6 reasons why Granite Transformations is […]

Cabinet Refacing

Services Spotlight: Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing by Granite Transformations The advantage of refacing your kitchen cabinets rather than simply tearing them out and rebuilding them is that more often than not, there is nothing wrong with the physical structure of the cabinets themselves; it is primarily a cosmetic renovation. By removing the door, drawers and hardware and replacing just […]

Countertop Installation

Services Spotlight: Countertop Overlay

Everyone loves the look of stone countertops, especially the unique composite look of engineered granite. However, did you know how easy it is to get countertops like this in your own home? 1. Measure After a free in-home consultation where a Granite Transformations countertop professional carefully measures your existing surfaces, we build a template to […]