Granite Transformations on HGTV's Income Property

Behind the Scenes of Granite Transformations on HGTV’s Income Property

If you missed last week’s episode of HGTV’s Income Property, you did not see a great feature on Granite Transformations’ granite countertops. To get the scoop about installing this countertop for the popular show, we spoke to the installer, Terrell Thurston. Terrell is a dedicated member of the Granite Transformations family—he installs for the Oakville and Kitchener/Waterloo franchises in Canada and is also part owner of the Albuquerque, NM franchise.


What was the Income Property crew most impressed with in regards to the granite countertop?

Scott McGillivray, host of Income Property, was really surprised by how fast the install was completed, which was great for the crew since they are on a tight schedule. He was also surprised by how light the countertop was when he helped me carry it in to the house.

How was your experience with the show and crew members?

It was very exciting because I have watched the show before. The crew was great and very easy to get along with. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

What do you think will be the most beneficial to the property owners about the countertop?

I think the owners will love how durable the countertops are with minimal care and a lifetime warranty. The ease of maintenance is a bonus since the countertops can be cleaned with soap and water. They can also feel good about their purchase knowing that the countertop is made with recycled materials.

What kind of response have you gotten to your feature on the show?

It’s been very positive. In fact, our franchise has already gotten several inquiries as a result of the feature on the show.


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  1. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    I had Granite Transformations install in my rural home outside of Calgary a few months ago. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t admire it. Fantastic product, fantastic Calgary office and fantastic outcome.

  2. Flavio Velazquez
    Flavio Velazquez says:

    Hello friends.
    I saw your presentation and I really think that would work well here in the Canary Islands, it would be a novelty because here only sells granite and silestone and very expensive by the way, I do not know your prices, but if you send me some pricelist would be willing to compare, you could open a franchise here would be something new that might work very well, but I need information, where I could get?

    I am delinenate by profession and I have the experience of having worked for eleven years in a factory for marbles and granites, where in 1998, started as a meter of kitchen worktops, bathrooms, stairs, facades, etc.etc., Then as head Technical Department and later as factory foreman until 2009 with more than fifteen people under my responsability, now I am unemployed but wanting to do something new and yours seems very interesting long as they are much more affordable your prices than those of marble, granite or silestone
    Well, thanks for your attention, a friendly greeting.

    Flavio Velazquez

  3. Fay
    Fay says:

    Have you installed any in auburn/opelika area? Or Columbus, GA? Would love to talk with customer or see results?? Thank you.

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