6 Hot Kitchen Design Trends for 2015

According to findings from the 2014 Houzz & Home Survey, remodeling trumps moving – homeowners would rather remodel their homes than buy a new one, and if they embark in a remodel, it means they are there to stay. This is due in part because remodeling gives them the control to make their homes function exactly how they want. The strengthening of the housing market is fueling the remodeling industry.

With all of this optimism in the housing market and the remodeling industry, there are certain design trends in kitchens that are expected to continue and increase in popularity in the upcoming year. Industry experts conclude that the top kitchen design trends for 2015 are all about striking a balance between a classic, timeless look and a simple, modern flare.

Here are the top suggested kitchen design ideas for 2015 to keep in mind if you’re considering a kitchen renovation:


  1. White Kitchen Cabinets: Various shades of white colored cabinets will continue to stay popular, but gray is the shade that leading designers are betting on to break white’s lead next year. Another growing trend is combining cabinet colors – having predominantly white cabinets that contrast with one large cabinet with a richer stain has been seen more frequently. It is important to take into consideration the color of your appliances when choosing a cabinet color. Granite Transformations offers cabinet refacing which is often less expensive than replacing them – check out the wide variety of colors and styles.

Almond colored kitchen cabinets in newly remodeled kitchen

  1. Glass Backsplashes:Today’s homeowners are becoming increasingly design-savvy and are proving to be open to new ideas, as glass tile backsplashes are becoming a popular option over the standard tile or stone backsplash. Granite Transformations offers a wide variety of beautiful glass backsplash options to highlight your kitchen décor and raise the level of elegance in your home.

Glass mosaic tile backsplash in a newly renovated kitchen.

  1. Warm Metal Fixtures: Although stainless steel remains the standard in kitchen fixtures, designers and homeowners are turning to warmer metals to accent their kitchens, giving the room a more inviting feel. Brushed nickel has taken the lead in finish options, followed by pewter, polished chrome and oil-rubbed bronze. Designers are raving over pull-out faucets and ditching the separate side-spray. The integrated unit is not only more convenient, but it is more aesthetically pleasing and offers a touch of class to any kitchen.

Oil-rubbed bronze finished kitchen faucet.

  1. Open Floor Plans: One of the biggest design changes for 2015 (as predicted by designers and home builders) is that kitchen space as we know it will change dramatically. Open living spaces are surging in popularity with ‘great rooms’ that combine kitchens, family rooms, living rooms and dining rooms to create a more relaxed space where everyone can be together. By blending these rooms together, designers suggest harmonizing the décor of each room to create an atmosphere of consistency.

Open kitchen floor plan

  1. Color Trends: Choosing the right color story for your home is a personal choice, but the current color trends are showcasing softer, more neutral palettes with hints of color like gold, lavender, blue, green and raisin (essentially moving away from the stark whites). In homes with open floor plans, integrating similar color tones is a great way to add character to your space while creating harmony and flow from room to room.

Newly renovated house showcasing 2015 color trends

  1. In addition, we have seen an increased investment in “special function” rooms (such as outdoor living spaces, mud rooms and home offices). As the population ages, there is an increased focus on accessibilty in homes; for example, ramps, elevators and first-floor master bedrooms are becoming part of home design on a more frequent basis. And finally, home automation is driving changes to living spaces with features that include automated lighting and heating controls, wireless telecommunications systems and solar panels.

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  1. Kim Whinnett
    Kim Whinnett says:

    These kitchen designs are just beautiful, can’t say which one is my favorite. I will get my dream kitchen soon, as I have opted to a kitchen designing company and they are way good.

  2. Darin D. Reynolds
    Darin D. Reynolds says:

    Yeah, it’s looking amazing, especially the white kitchen cabinets. White is one of my favourite colours and as you said, now it’s becoming a common trend having combination of white with other contrast colours. But, I have a doubt, is there any other option apart from this stone backsplash? Because, I didn’t really like it using it in kitchens.

  3. Chinmay Rathi
    Chinmay Rathi says:

    The article is really good and very informative Mbecchi . It beautifully talks about the best trends in the market .

  4. Quincy
    Quincy says:

    I really like the look and feel of pic #3 that bronze finish with that granite counter top is really nice. Great warm colors will great in home with lots of natural light.

  5. Kelli
    Kelli says:

    Great ideas.! I am going for kitchen planning next month. By the way , the illustrations are really good. Thanks for sharing the information.

  6. Susan Hirst
    Susan Hirst says:

    I love these kitchen remodeling ideas. My husband and I have been saving out money to modernize our outdated kitchen. We’ve finally saved enough, so now I’m going nuts over designing my new kitchen.

  7. Susan Hirst
    Susan Hirst says:

    I love these kitchen remodeling ideas. My kitchen is rather outdated and I want to make it look more modern and fresh. I love your idea about warm metal fixtures. It is so simple, but it does make a difference.

  8. Walter Kowalski
    Walter Kowalski says:

    I really like these kitchen designs. My wife and I want to remodel our kitchen, so we’ve been spending a lot of time looking at different designs and ideas. One of the problems with our current kitchen is that it’s small and cramped, so we definitely want an open floor plan for our new kitchen.

  9. Phillius Thomas
    Phillius Thomas says:

    White cabinets are the biggest thing? I would not be able to agree. A darker colored cabinet looks the best to me. A nice dark brown with a wood texture is good. Like wood from a walnut.

  10. Christian Brothers
    Christian Brothers says:

    Great post! Yes, white cabinets will continue to be a classic go-to, but gray is becoming increasingly popular.

  11. Jessy Shaw
    Jessy Shaw says:

    My husband and I have been thinking about redoing the kitchen cabinets in our home here in Milton and I really love the white cabinet design! Our current cabinets are really old and the paint has been chipped in numerous places. I think those would look really great with our kitchen design. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Lori Romano
    Lori Romano says:

    What a great and innovative ideas for kitchen remodeling . Thanks MBecchi, I am glad to reach at this post. This has inspired me a lot to renovate my kitchen asap. The color trends you have shown are just awesome. I can just imagine now, what a wonderful kitchen, one can do with these trending ideas.

  13. Ultimate Kitchens
    Ultimate Kitchens says:

    Absolutely stunning kitchen design! The all beautiful and gorgeous design you built. Fantastic job thank you for sharing

  14. Granite Direct Warehouse
    Granite Direct Warehouse says:

    These are gorgeous spaces, especially the counter-tops combined with the back-splash in a few of the photos. The photo with the glass back-splash is very eye-catching. Thank you for this post!

  15. Delores Lyon
    Delores Lyon says:

    Thanks for sharing these awesome kitchen renovation trends! I think it is so nice that white kitchen cabinets are in style. Since I was young, I have always been a fan of a light kitchen color palette, and white definitely fits into that. In fact, this might be a sign for me to start renovating my kitchen– it wouldn’t be too hard to just get new cabinets, and maybe a splashback!

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