Ray-Green Glass Mosaic Tiles

5 Creative Ways to Transform Your Bathroom by Adding Mosaic Tile

Mosaics tiles add a unique and elegant touch to any space!


The Romans were first to use mosaic tile as flooring and decoration for their homes and bathrooms so we have them to thank for the beautiful glass mosaic tile upheaval that we see today.
Ray-green glass mosaic tiles via New England Homes

Mosaic tiles makes for wonderful accents in combination with granite or other materials and with all the glass mosaic shapes, colors, sizes and textures available today, it’s time to get a little funky and go beyond the typical bathroom remodeling designs.


Terra Ombra Engineered Granite With Excalibur Mosaic Tiles

Terra Ombra Engineered Granite with Excalibur Mosaic Tiles by Granite Transformations


Take a look at these 5 creative ways you can transform your website by adding mosaic tile.


1. Add a mosaic tile border to accent your bathroom wall.


A narrow strip of colorful mosaic tiles can add interest to the wall in a bathroom so how about jazzing up your bathroom with an accent mosaic tile to highlight the overall design?


Engineered Granite Tropico Paired With Excalibur Mosaic Tiles

Engineered Granite Tropico paired with Excalibur Mosaic Tiles by Granite Transformations


2. Add an accent hand cut mosaic tile to your shower or bathtub


There are as many ways to tile a shower as there are types and colors of tiles. The only must-follow design rules are to select a grout specifically formulated for a wet environment.


Striped tiles in complementary shades give texture to this clean-lined bathroom, especially with a few patterned tiles mixed in!


Amber Metropolis Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile With King Ivory Granite Overlay
Amber Metropolis Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile with King Ivory Granite Overlay by Granite Transformations


A single or double strip of mosaic tile adds a modern look to this shower and complements the granite overlay.


Amber Metropolis Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile With King Ivory Granite Overlay

Amber Metropolis Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile with King Ivory Granite Overlay by Granite Transformations


3. Make a focal wall of mosaic tile for major drama in a small bath.


Get glamorous with an accent wall done with mosaic tile. The mosaic tile sheets offered by Granite Transformations are specifically designed to be trimmed down to almost any size or shape and easily fit any bathroom layout.


Heated Bathroom Floors

Heated Bathroom floors by NuHeat


Designer’s Tip: Coordinate the wall color around the tile. For small bathrooms, use a light colored paint to harmonizes the tile design. This will add depth to the accent wall and will emphasize your hard work, rather than drowning it out into the background. For larger bathrooms, using a darker paint or bright color on the walls as displayed below will make the mosaic wall pop.


Custom Blend Mosaics With Platinum

Custom Blend Mosaics with Platinum by Granite Transformations


4. Add mosaic tile accents to the bathroom floor


Don’t forget about the floor either when considering accent tile! Adding a mosaic tile border around the middle of the floor or stripes of mosaic tiles can liven up a plain floor.
Bathroom Floor Mosaic Tile Accents
Bathroom Floor Mosaic Tile Accents via www.klikk.no


Using small tile to create a design on the floor creates an interesting contrast against the larger tile on the walls.


5. Frame your face – add mosaic tile to the wall behind the bathroom vanity 


Vanities are a great spot for a little extra attention, and tiling around the mirror with the mosaic will give the bathroom an interesting focal point.


Grey Liberty Recycled Glass Bathroom Mosaic Backsplash
Grey Liberty Recycled Glass Bathroom Mosaic Backsplash by Granite Transformations


The good news is that decorative tile can also keep your bathroom transformation costs down because would not need too much of it to make a statement. In many of these baths, just a few square feet make a big impact.


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  1. Carl
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    Mosaic tile look fantastic in any bathroom, the only downside is the grouting needed to finish the job, particularity like the mosaic tiled floor image…

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    Wow, the mosaic tiles in all of the above photos are stunning!! I feel like it adds such a nice detail to each of the bathrooms. So inspiring, thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Ferdy Cornelee
    Ferdy Cornelee says:

    Brilliant content! Excellent execution. I’m sure it turned out to be everything the homeowner thought it would be.

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